Wentworth Miller

Friday the 13th…Well, today is as good a day as any (maybe the best day) to start a blog dedicated to a man who is very close to my heart (and hopefully one day my panties), dramatic actor extraordinaire, walking orgasm, king of the black and white photograph, star of Prison Break, wet dream come true, a man with massive masturbatory appeal, international man of mystery, panty (and sheet) wetter to the hundreth power: Wentworth Miller. Went is a sexy beast, the finest of them all if you ask me. The height, the brooding stare, the big hands and feet, the mole, the ass…*shiver* Sure he may not be as popular as some OTHER beautiful boys *cough* Jake Gyllenhaal *cough*, but he gives me butterflies in my stomach, makes my heart pound and he makes me so hot I feel like I’m on fire. I hope one day to kneel at his feet but until we meet I’ll stay Wet For Went.

picture courtesy of Just Jared. In fact, whenever you see a picture with a yellow border it’s from Jared.


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2 responses to “Wentworth Miller

  1. babe1973

    This is the most beautiful introduction I have read on Went. Wow… I hope he reads it. WENTWORTH WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! WE WANT YOU!!!

  2. Wet For Went

    Thanks babe1973!

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