The Rocky Horror Wentworth Show

Went, WTF? Is that lipstick? Baby, who did this to you? Clearly they are not your friend. Were we going for 80’s Glam here? I’m just trying to understand. I mean, don’t get me wrong, you look beautiful, it’s just that your lips don’t need coloring; They’re already lovely! I tried to be into it, I really did, but there are just some things I can not do and this is one of them. Don’t do this again or I quit you. What am I saying? I’d do you in drag.


Filed under Humor

5 responses to “The Rocky Horror Wentworth Show

  1. Anonymous

    It doesn’t look like he has lipstick on!He looks as delish as alwayz!

  2. Wet For Went

    What can I say…I was bored, saw the pic and thought, “his lips look kind of bright in this picture,” and I just ran with it. I apologize. Went, at all times, at all ages, in any outfit, now and forever, is hot. I think that last statement exempts me from everything I will continue to say from this day forward. Maybe that should be in the Disclaimer…

  3. Anonymous

    Well I think lipstick could be fun…especially if it was a favoured kind, then there would be a great excuse to lick it off. & I know your big on licking!

  4. Wet For Went

    My tongue has a life of its own…what can I say…

  5. tia

    he doesn’t have lipstick on trust me I have studied his lips extensively and they are naturally that color and as a woman I am very jealous

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