Because Went had bills to pay

Here he is as Adam on Popular. This is hilarious! I won’t lie. I watched this show when it aired (at least the first season) and laughed at him at the time. I remember thinking even then “He’s cute.” Enjoy!


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4 responses to “Because Went had bills to pay

  1. Anonymous

    I think this infact proves he’s not gay because this is the way straight people think gay people act and if he were gay he would have toned it down and been so stereotypical

  2. babe1973

    I love the was he says SEX. Mmmmm. I totally agree. There is not one gay on this planet that is that gay. I have a lot of gay friends and none of them think he is gay.

  3. Anonymous

    GAHHH! This was the most hilarious clip I have ever seen of him!!!! I too loved the way he said “sex” and found it really funny and laughed out loud every time I watched this clip (4 times) and he said “Chiquita.” Awesome, I’m gonna have to foward this to my friends, b/c it is just the funniest thing ever. WFW, your site is hilarious and I absolutely love it. If Wentworth Miller surfs his fansites the way a paparazzo caught him doing once, I’m sure hoping its this one, b/c it is the best one out there.

  4. beverley

    i love the way he says” chiquita”

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