High Fashion with Wentworth Miller

Oh Went, no matter what you put on it seems, nothing can put me off of you. Look at you…No really look. That jacket. Really Went. Now this is not the first time you’ve done this to me. Remember the yellow shirt? How about those awful baggy khakis? I forgave you then and I forgive you now. You see, you are so perfect that there should be statues chiseled in your honor, poetry written (not by me, I hate poetry) and paintings even and that is the ONLY reason you are able to get away with this shit. But then, I’m not exactly a fashion plate either. I think we both just pick up what’s on the floor or what we think “matches” and we’re out the door. Or perhaps I can blame your stylist for this? I don’t know. You have a steady job, there is no excuse for the way you dress other than a sheer lack of effort and you know what? I appreciate that. It takes a high level of self confidence to not give a shit what you put on in the morning and you and I might just have that in common. I however am not photographed constantly and I don’t do photo shoots so you’re supposed to do better. I demand you do because until I see you naked, I actually have to LOOK at these clothes and I am not impressed. I still love you but you’ve been bad…So assume the position…


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5 responses to “High Fashion with Wentworth Miller

  1. Anonymous

    Never wear high fashion unless you’re high. I LOVE THIS SITE!! I sit here on my break at work and laugh my ass off! I am so happy someone else has this sick addiction to Went – it’s like you’re reading my MIND!

  2. Wet For Went

    Why Thank You. Considering you are 1 of about 4 people who read this site, I appreciate you. Truly. The depth of my love for Wentworth knows no bounds. If he knew how much I thought of him, he’d get a restraining order.

  3. Anonymous

    FYI, John Cusack got a restraining order against some ditzy bimbo stalker.

    That was completely off topic but I tend to ramble so excuse.

    He definitely needs a woman in his life. Look @ what Posh did for Beckham. She turn him from a scruffy yob into a Fashion icon.

    I’m not saying Went needs to be perfectly groomed, we all like a little rugged but damn someone needs to dress him – literally. I’m up for it, it’ll be hard work but someone has to do it.
    Putting on, taking off his clothes – I’m getting sweaty already.

  4. Wet For Went

    You wouldn’t be comparing me to this bimbo stalker you speak of would you? Because I consider myself more of a cyber stalker…

  5. babe1973

    I like the way he dresses. That’s what makes him sexy…the sloppy fashion. Lol. But on this picture, he looks so pale. I think he must have been really tired. And yet, he stays HOT.

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