Wentworth in High School

I was just saying that if we were teens together, I would have deflowered him…and I meant it. This is too cute and exactly my type as a teenage girl. Now the pic with the glasses? Maybe not so much, but he wouldn’t have needed them for what we would have been doing anyway…

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10 responses to “Wentworth in High School

  1. Linds

    He is the cutest, most dorkalicious thing I have ever seen! God bless his skinny ass. If my HS pics were posted on a website for all the world to see I’d be in a faint!

  2. Wet For Went

    Without the glasses, he’s all man baby. If my HS pics were posted on the internet, I’d be pissed too, b/c in high school, I was actually pretty hot. Of course you never think that when you’re that age, but I was. Memories…of the times we left behind…misty watercolored Meeeeeeemories…of the way we were…*shedding a tear for my teenage body*

  3. Anonymous

    What are on about! He is working those glasses! It’ s very Clark Kenty (comic book version). He looks so cute & baby-faced.

  4. Anonymous

    Question: Is ‘The Gilded Moose’ really banned from your sight?

  5. Wet For Went

    anon 12:48, Yes, he is working the glasses but they are also huge. I kid because I love. He actually does look cute with and without them.

    anon 12:50, Is that a serious question? The Moose knows where we stand…and to answer you while also taking all of the humor out of it completely, the answer is, of course not.

  6. Anonymous

    Totally off topic; Wet for Went do you also go by the alias Wontingwitch?
    I was checking out your profiles on Myspace & you two seem to have alot in common eg. Both of you are 27, both pisces, both single, both in Maryland…coincidence? I wonder…care to shed some light?

  7. Wet For Went

    I’ve never met her but I hear she’s lovely. Yeah that is a lot of coincidences isn’t it? *grin*

  8. allheavens

    Love the name, love the blog, Wentworth Miller is sex on a stick and a 6 foot 1 inch stick at that.

    I most definitely will be reading and posting. Great work!

  9. Wet For Went

    thx for the love allheavens and yes Went is the sexiest thing on 2 legs.

  10. soiled undies

    I think you mean three legs…or no…he walks on two legs…
    yeah, it would be more inappropriate to say ‘ Went is the sexiest thing with three legs’

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