Oh Wentworth…

How I love you and your awful shoes. I just want to take you to the store and pick out your clothes. Maybe it’s because my ex had a pair of shoes like those that he loved so much and that I hated with a passion. I threw them away. But I would NEVER do that to you. You wear whatever you want OK? You look great. Love you!

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3 responses to “Oh Wentworth…

  1. soiled undies

    He is definitely improving fashion wise. There’s a lil colour coordination going on – looks good (cept for da shoes but that justs adds to his charm)His smile…oh! it is so beautiful!

    However I think the best thing for Went to do, to avoid critism for his fashion faux pas, would simply be to …wear his birthday suit.

    It would be stylish (haute coute), probably comfy, easy on the eye (HELL YEAH!)& everyone would approve!

  2. Wet For Went

    If only we could one day see such a sight…naked Went…mmmmmmmm

  3. Anonymous

    i am not looking for this one

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