Prison Break: A True Story?

Once again my nifty Wentworth Miller google alert has alerted me to a story that was not about Went at all (though a pic of him is included and his name is mentioned) but that I found interesting nonetheless. Check it out at The Washington Posts’ website. What do you think?


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2 responses to “Prison Break: A True Story?

  1. soiled undies

    The more I see of Dom the more I like!
    Went of course is God, John Cusack is Jesus ( they sort of have the same initials if you take Jesus’s surname as Christ, JC)& Dom could be the holy ghost. The ultimate trinity.

    To all readers, the above comment is not meant to be taken in a blamphemous context. No offence is intended & non should be taken.

    PS I’m a big Catholic, I go to Church twice a year @ least. I believe there is a God, cause someone put time & thought into creating the beauty that is Went.

  2. soiled undies

    PPS. Check out my pic if you don’t believe me.

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