The Night of the Emmys: Our First Fight

Went, I ask you, Who in the FUCK is this? I mean, I know we’re doing the long distance thing and all but you are NOT allowed to take other women to red carpet events! You are not allowed to take other women ANYWHERE! Maybe I didn’t make that clear enough to you?! I mean afterall when we’re together most of the sounds we’re making are not real words, but obviously, we need to have a conversation because clearly you have lost. your. mind. Don’t think your face is too pretty for me to smack! See, Now I need a drink…


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9 responses to “The Night of the Emmys: Our First Fight

  1. SquallCloud

    LOL love. You forgot “ever-lovin'” between “your” and “mind”

  2. Wet For Went

    You are so right…You think he got the message this time? lol

  3. soiled undies

    Honey, not to worry! She aint got nothing on you! She’s no competition @ all!

  4. Anonymous

    How’s the body language..? a whole other person could fit in the gap between them…just a thought…

  5. Wet For Went

    They are pretty far apart. Good point.

  6. soiled undies

    Yeah they are pretty far apart but on the other hand – just look @ her dress!It’s beige (& sorta ugly) so you just know Went must’ve picked it out for her!

    He probably knows her dress size…what are the odds he put it on her?! ( & took it off afterwards!)

    I’m bad, bad to the bone.

  7. Anonymous

    this was classic! i love it! LOL 🙂 u rock

  8. Anonymous

    Shes just a big COVER UP.

  9. Rose

    I believe he is a complete gentleman and is respectful towards his dates.

    I also believe behind closed doors he’s a tiger *grrrrrrrawl*

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