Went is Home Alone and He’s Afraid

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Just in time for Halloween, Went speaks on scary movies:

“Helter Skelter,” No. 23 — “Prison Break” star Wentworth Miller confesses, “When I was 12, my parents … let me stay home by myself. I spent the entire night with the covers pulled up to my chin, waiting for some hippie to jump out of the shadows and slash my throat.”

Just tell me when and where Went and I will jump under those covers with you…

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5 responses to “Went is Home Alone and He’s Afraid

  1. soiled undies

    Possibly the ONLY pic of Went I don’t like. It’s a lil SCARY…at best it’s cute but I’m really reaching there.

    Jumping – under the covers, -into the tub, – on the kitchen counter, it’s all good…

  2. Anonymous

    Lmao “…some hippie…”

  3. maria

    check out his crotch though he seems slightly aroused at the concept of being scared- maria runs to get witches outfit

  4. Cat's Meow!

    HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!! Wenty, you slay me!!! lol

    What a mug…………. only his mother would love!!!! lol

  5. bleuciel

    Oh, come on, did he actually say that out loud AND to a journalist?! *raises eyebrow* Hmmm…
    I haven’t seen this movie, but if it is half as scary as “The Exorcist” (part 1) then I understand 😀 Shit, that is one scary film! Charlie Sheen was right: the images haunt me to this day.

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