Wentworth Miller, You’ve been slashed…

(and fabulously I might add) with none other than Jensen Ackles. I forgot about Jensen…that sexy boy should have been on the list (I might have to make another one just so I can include him). Oh fuck it, let’s look at a pic:

Niiiiiice right? Now back to the Almighty Slash. NC-17 kiddies, rough sex, click at your own risk…Open up for me


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7 responses to “Wentworth Miller, You’ve been slashed…

  1. soiled undies

    sick…….but hot, VERY HOT

  2. Wet For Went

    I know right? Hotter than Hell!

  3. Fanboy

    Ummm. Wow Wet For Went. I had no idea. Actually, I kind of did but you just confirmed it for me.

  4. Wet For Went

    You and the world fanboy, you and the world.

  5. we.didn't.listen

    that is so hot its not even possible that it could get hotter.

    love it, and those two in a pairing are fantastic.

    jensen ❤ wenty ❤

  6. I.Love.My.Guitarry.Starry

    this is fantastic. the best i have read and i love jensen- he has major dsl. and wentworths hot preppy look 😀



  7. Anonymous

    ‘The page was not fountld’ (〒︿〒)

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