Because I Live in America and You Don’t

Here’s your 10/30 Spoilerific Prison Break recap


We begin with Michael at Blanding Botanical Gardens trying to find something he left there on one of his many hiding things for when they get out excursions. Unfortunately for him, Mahone has men there already and he doesn’t get what he came for as he has to run to get away. Michael stops in a diner after he gets away and watches the news. He’s just finding out Tweener died and now we have to re-live it all over again through that really hurt look he’s so good at making (see above). Then a reporter asks Mahone about the hard drive they found and he says no comment. Michael now knows how it is they seem to know where he’s going and what he’s doing and he decides to do a little digging of his own. They find out what’s in the box Michael wanted (nitroglycerine) just as Mahone walks into the office to ream everyone out for leaking information to the press. Cut to Michael at the library researching the hell out of Mahones’ evil ass. Michael finds out where Mahones’ ex-wife lives and then goes shopping. Cut back to Mahone and company, today is the day C-Note is supposed to meet his wife and they are going to stop it. They catch up with the wife and tell her to cooperate with them to recapture C-Note of they will take her daughter. She agrees. Meanwhile C-Note has caught up with his homies and he recruits them to help him get his wife and child. They’re down. Cut to Bellick and company who know where T-bag went (to kill a certain lady who put him in jail) and they are hot on the trail. Linc and L.J. are still on the run in that sexy ass car and stop for food when a waitress who brings the change to the car that L.J. forgot recognizes them and they peel out. Cut to Michael in a suit and glasses posing as an FBI agent knocking on Mahones’ ex wife’s door. He questions her and we find out from clues the ex-wife gives (that she doesn’t even know she’s giving) why it is earlier in the season Mahone was standing next to that bird feeder in the backyard looking all crazy: Oscar Shales didn’t get away: Mahone killed him and buried him in the backyard under that bird feeder. Cut to Sara who is still trying to figure out what Sunrise Hot means…Add el to it and it’s a hotel. She calls information for all Sunrise Hotels. There are 3 and she figures it must be the one in Gila, New Mexico. She books a flight using the name of the woman who got killed last week who’s wallet and ID she still has. Cut to T-Bag who is locking up his locker with key number 804 and putting the bag of money in. He puts the key in his sock. He is also buying flowers to take with him to see his lady love as well as a pair of scissors he steals…Probably to slit her throat. Kellerman is tipped off that the lady who was killed last week just bought an airline ticket and landed already in NM. They had been watching the name for activity apparently. Kellerman tips off Mahone and company who are trying to figure out the one origami swan they have. Mahone tells everyone only to look at the combinations that include NM and he lands on one combination that spells out ELGILANM63. Cut to C-Note and company and the wife who is standing at the rendezvous point. One of C-Notes’ homies walks up to the wife and tells her to run to the Black Cherokee in 15 seconds, she does but is worried about the daughter who is still in school. His other homies are already there to get her but the school is stalling them waiting for the FBI so C-Note takes matters into his own hands and races to the school, goes to his daughters’ classroom to get her and when she asks where they’re going he says “Disneyland.” Cute. Cut to Linc and L.J. who are now walking because they had to ditch the car and they are considering taking a train and having a father and son moment. Cut back to T-bag who has found an empty house and a lawn sign to the face since Bellick and company have caught up with him finally. They ask him to tell them the location of the money, he refuses and Bellick begins to cut open the stitches on his gimp hand…ewwww. Cut back to Mahone who is feeling smug again because he figured out another part of the puzzle. He knows Michael will be in Gila, NM on 6-3 (in Prison Break time, looks like that’s tomorrow) and just as he feels like it’s all coming together, his ex wife rings him…Only it’s Michael because he has her phone. Michael tells him that he knows what happened to Oscar Shales and that if he and his family are allowed to leave the country without incident, he will keep that info to himself. Mahone puts up a good front but he’s shitting his pants. He goes and digs up the body…I have no idea why. Cut back to L.J. and Linc and someone at the train station recognized them and…THEY GET CAUGHT AND HANDCUFFED! OMG THEY GOT CAUGHT! The End.


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5 responses to “Because I Live in America and You Don’t

  1. soiled undies

    You are my HERO! Luv ya lots!

  2. Wet For Went

    Just trying to give the people what they want…and by people of course I mean you, lol. I don’t know that anyone else needs the recaps.

  3. soiled undies

    Screw anyone else! ( Not literally coz I’m not a slut. There’s just one person I ‘d like to screw, can you guess who? Oh yeah & maybe you too.)

    Rest assured, I tell all my buddies about the latest PB developments & they are all grateful & send a big THANK YOU & LUV to you!

    From my side:
    A thousand thank you.s my goddess! I would lick your toes if I could. In fact I’ll lick ’em in my dreams. See you tonight and please feel free to squirm & enjoy…

  4. Anonymous

    Bring on the Aussies have to suffer the torture of waiting till *gasp* next year…i mean, we’re talking months here for gods sake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So thank you for keeping us going xxxB

  5. soiled undies

    Hey cocob! Australian?! We’re neighbours! I’ve got a great idea, why don’t we got to the USA together and double tag team WFW! Then afterwards we can track down Went & do the same!

    I’m a genius. It’s scary.

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