Prison Break Preview: For the Michael and Sara Fans

Hark! Who goes there?!
Look. At. Him. Lean.



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5 responses to “Prison Break Preview: For the Michael and Sara Fans

  1. Anonymous

    ah..The Lean…is there anything he can’t do?!

  2. Anonymous

    wentworth miller…u naughty boy!! *whip* lol

  3. soiled undies

    Look at Sarah in the background playing it cool when you just know her panties are knotting themselves thrice over!

    The Lean! Yeah Baby! He is in exactly the right position!

    Looks like he was pulled over by a cop & was told to put his hands on the hood.

    If I was a cop I would place him under arrest for violating code 0713: Distracting public with his extreme good looks,ass & sex appeal! His sentence: Remain silent & report to my bedroom! ( where the silence rule would be dismissed as we enaged in mind numbing, world thumping, animal sex!)


  4. Wet For Went

    cocob No, there is not a thing this man can’t do.

    anon 4:17 He’s been whipped before and he likes it.

    suYay?…There’s just something about people who say Yay that I find intriguing…Love that scenario.

  5. soiled undies

    Well I’m very intriguing! , *wink* lol

    Yay is a fun word (If it qualifies as a word) and is a great way to end off a hot, sexy, sick fantasy. Like this:

    WFW, Went & su are stuck in an elevator & of course it’s hot (duh!The hotness is obviously radiating off Went & some frm WFW & su ‘s panties)& of course some of the clothes just have to be gotten rid off because we might be in danger of getting heat stroke. And su just HAPPENS to have a bottle of baby oil in her handbag…


    See, that works.

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