Semi-Naked Wentworth

That’s the best kind


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8 responses to “Semi-Naked Wentworth

  1. Anonymous

    How difficult can it be to find someone incompetant enough to handle his wardrobe?! Not one malfunction in sight…again. And SO many opportunities here..i’m broken with disappointment. Love the legs though. xx B

  2. Anonymous

    i think that everyone should just leave the poor guy alone i mean OBSESSIVE!!!!

  3. widi

    God! I laughed like hell when i found out that this is the “semi-naked” version of Wentworth… I thought it would’ve been something sexy! Thank God Sara had left when he got out of the bathroom looking like this. 😛

  4. hey widi,
    i think your a bit too hard on him, i find him to
    be the most hottest guy ever alive and sara, well
    shes just stupid. if i were her i’d jump on him instead and …
    hes the hottest guy and you have to admit that
    he looks damn hot in that pics!!!

  5. if thats what he looks like semi-naked i want to see the whole thing. 🙂
    oof he’s hot and pants or no pants id jump him. i agree if sara is too stupid to make a move this sexy lil thing ill step in!!

  6. khays

    heyyyy babe.

    i love wentworth miller soo muh.

    he is the sexciest biitch laive.

    i dont care if he is gay 🙂

    loveee himmm (L)(L)(L)(L)

  7. Anonymous

    OMG he is not gay and don’t ever say that again

  8. thuli

    wenty is hot, so wat if his gay. i would mind jus lookin @ him. he lyk God ‘s master piece… mona lisa aint shit! you herd…


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