I Had a Dream Today

Who knew all I had to do was go to sleep for inspiration?! So here it is, as close to waking as possible so I won’t forget it. This adventure begins with me in England so that I can meet britpopbaby. I’m leaving the airport and get into a cab. Jake Gyllenhaal is the driver. This is certainly a pleasant surprise! Justin Timberlakes’ My Love is playing on the radio. I’m asking Jake what it’s like to be driving all on the wrong side of the road and stuff and he’s being all coy about answering like he is about everything. He lets me drive for a while. Then we pick up britpopbaby and go sight-seeing and it looks just like London did when I visited at 13 or so (which is my only real memory of it since it’s the only time I’ve been there). I’m happy. Then we pick up Wentworth Miller and he sits with me. Now I’m really happy. I just remember the road. The neverending ride and then what happens next is all a blur. Soiled Undies is licking my toes and I’m wondering how in the hell she got there all the way from South Africa so quick (I must have read this comment right before I went to sleep…Why do I encourage her?) and Went is trying to get me to drink his “Jesus Juice” except it isn’t alcohol, Jake is watching and I’m hoping he’ll join in and britpopbaby, well, she showed off and I’ll stop there. The End.


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3 responses to “I Had a Dream Today

  1. britpopbaby

    I’m very honoured that I got to be in your sexy, sexy dreams. So we got hammered on J Juice and had an orgy in South Africa? Which country? Where Brad and Ange there too? Did Went and Jake pet each other…lots??

  2. Wet For Went

    Oh man, the craziness that was that dream. Hammered on Wents’ J Juice and orgyfest? Yep. We were most definitely in London though. Brad and Angie probably flew su there on their way back from one of their famous Africa trips and Went and Jake did pet each other lots, oh yes, yes they did. Great fucking dream.

  3. soiled undies

    tHIS IS CRAZY! i HAD THE eXacT saME dreAM! Perhaps it wasn’t a dream @ all! …Or perhaps that’s just wishful thinking on my part!


    Wow! First Fave Comment of the Week now I’m appearing in your dreams…it must be TRUE LOVE! When’s the wedding? I suppose you won’t be able to wear white though…oops!
    Did you enjoy the toe-licking? I’m told I do great things with my mouth!

    Now the next dream has to take place in SA. In a wildlife conservation game place with lions and stuff and Went & Jake in loinclothes & the girls…Went in a loincloth…Mmmmmmm……where was I? Oh yeah and the girls in traditional African garb that does not include coverage of the upper parts of our bodies in anyway. & end with us all naked funking it up on the back of an elephant with Went & Jake commando… (What happened to the loinclothes?!)

    oK! I’m going to bed NOW! Don’t care if it is the middle of the day!

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