I’m Sick and Wentworth Miller Still Cares

I had every intention of posting something yesterday except that the cold that I had been waiting on to arrive finally showed its face as I woke up and dammit I needed to catch up on my TV shows because you people will try and suck the life out of me if I let you. Thanks to you, yes you reading right now, I’ve missed Heroes, Weeds and The Wire for weeks, but now I’m caught up. I took Thera-Flu and drank some Echinacea and took some cold medicine and rested and this morning I feel better but I still had to stop and buy 1 of every kind of cold medicine ever made just in case. To the guy that looked like he wanted to come over and holla at me this morning and then I took my cough drop out of my mouth and just hawked one in the street: You looked disgusted and I apologize but it had to be done. At the very least I will still do my Prison Break Recap and Wentcap tonight but don’t expect too much more. My brain is fried while I continue to cough up a lung and otherwise feel like I want to slit my own throat. I think that while I was in the Rite-Aid isle I may have even said out loud “Ahhh, kill me!” Now, Went will try to help me out from his faraway location because even though I feel like those people in the cold medicine commercials that look like monsters right now, he still loves me. Check him out trying to give my cold the stare down…


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4 responses to “I’m Sick and Wentworth Miller Still Cares

  1. patty

    I am sorry you are sick. I feel your pain. And BTW, I am stealing a couple of your questions when I meet the pretty. Seriously. I am using the last one.

  2. soiled undies

    Oh poor Baby!

    Tell you what, I’ll send you a get well kiss all the way from SA…ready?…here you goe…MWHAAAAAAAA!!!!!
    Catch it! Catch it! There… all better! You can plant it on your ass if you like, I’m sure I’ll enjoy kissing your juicy booty!

    Have another naughty dream about me & I guarentee you’ll feel much better. People have told me I have “healing hands” so just allow my hands to be all over you & do their HEALING…

    PS. a good dose of Went’s Jesus Juice could also do wonders!

  3. playin ugly

    oh, yummy! Never seen that piccy before – I’m guessing circa Human Stain? You owe it to Went to take care of yourself!

  4. Wet For Went

    Thanks you guys for the good vibes. I’m climbing out of this thing that got a hold of me. I can’t even call it a cold since it tried to damn near kill me. Today was my first day back to work since Monday and I spent most of yesterday unconscious, drugged and sprawled across my bed. I’m back to about 85% today though.

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