Prison Break Rendezvous 11/6 Recap


We begin with Bellick beating the hell out of T-bag on his bad hand with a meat tenderizer still trying to get the location of the money out of him to the tune of I’m Walking on Sunshine. I sense a slight homage to Resevoir Dogs here.

Cut to FBI headquarters where they are celebrating Linc’s capture but no one can find Mahone and guess why, because he is already in Gila looking for Michael. Mr. Kim the new scary minion of the President who even out ranks Kellerman in the scheme of things sends Kellerman to find Mahone and to kill Linc and son since Mahone is MIA just as a mysterious black van runs the police car carrying LJ and Linc off the road. A group of people jump out just as Linc and LJ get out of the car and run and the group catches them. After Linc head butts the girl in the mouth (freaking hilarious) she tells them that they are with his father, Aldo Burrows.

Cut to Sara in the Motel waiting for Michael having a flashback of seeing her father hanging and remembering the mysterious key that he left for her. She puts it on her keyring. We don’t yet know what that key is all about.

Cut to Linc and LJ taken to a safe house to wait for Granddaddy Burrows.

Cut back to Mahone who is hitting every hotel in town flashing Michaels picture and asking if they’ve seen him. Little does he know Michael has no intention of going to the motel since he has sent Sara a fax to meet him at the end of a dead end street down the road.

Cut to poor Sucre stuck on the side of the road. Looks like his piece of shit car gave up on him and now he has to go to a gas station and risk being seen. He tears down a picture of the Fox River 8 at the phone booth he uses to call Maricruz’s sister Theresa. He gives Theresa the number to the phone booth and tells her to have Maricruz call the phone back before they leave to take the honeymoon trip she was supposed to be taking with Hector.

Cut back to Sara who arrives before Michael does and then the reunion. No hugs, no kisses, no sexual tension…Yet. But one fabulous line after Michaels car comes creeping up the road and he steps out: “Hello Sara.” She lets him have it. She tells him about her father dying and he does that pretty crying. Yay! Mahone finds the right motel and the front desk clerk lets it slip that Sara just got a fax. Mahone checks the fax machine memory and finds out where they are and just like that, right when Sara steps in close to tell Michael she doesn’t want to be alone, here he comes tearing down the road like a bat out of hell. There’s only one road in and out so after a game of chicken that ends in Michael side swiping Mahone’s car just enough for them to get past (Is there anything Michael can’t do?), they end up in front of Mahone after which Mahone makes them veer into a building. They get out and run into a warehouse.

Meanwhile Bellick and Geary have decided to use a hot screwdriver as the next torture device but T-bag fights back and everyone falls to the ground and out pops the key! T-bag gets to it first and swallows it. That T-bag sure loves to swallow. Bellick puts a strainer in the toilet, put the seat down, duct tapes T-bag to it and puts some tobacco in his mouth (OK I’m not completely sure what exactly they put in his mouth but since it was referred to as “dip” and “chew” I figured tobacco though I have no idea how that would make you have to shit).

Meanwhile Sucre’s payphone is ringing but there are cops buying snacks at the gas station mini mart and he can’t answer. Sucks to be him.

Back to the warehouse where a game of cat and mouse ends with Mahone in a cage pointing a gun at Michael that he can’t use since Michael has turned on the propane gas and Sara hot wiring Mahone’s car (former junkie skills I’m guessing). Michael taunts him “When you get close, I will win every time. I’m not the one in cage.” Mmmm sexy. Mahone doesn’t let that slide though, he tells him that he will get him and he will kill him no matter how long it takes and under his breath he says “I don’t have a choice.” The all seeing all knowing Presidential bad guys rule everybody it seems.

Kellerman has been reassigned to Sara again since Linc escaped. Oh the incompetence that is Kellerman.

T-bag has finally crapped out the key and Bellick ties his bad hand to a radiator and calls the cops. How many guesses as to which body part T-bag will leave behind next week to make sure he gets away? I don’t even want to think about it! Ouch! Bellick and Geary find the locker and get the money but Geary hits Bellick over the head with the meat tenderizer and takes it all for himself. Again, hilarious.

Sucre finally gets back to the phone and leaves Maricruz a message that he will meet her in Mexico. Hector comes looking for Maricruz and finds out that she has taken their honeymoon with her sister “paid for with his money.” He’s such an ass.

Back to the burrows camp and we find out why Kellerman was reassigned, the super secret spy presidential death squad has a mole inside Aldo Burrows camp and he gets orders from Mr. Kim to kill the three Burrowses now while he has them all there together.

Michael and Sara have checked themselves into a by the hour motel. They could have had so much fun there…Unfortunately she leaves him while he’s in the bathroom. He comes walking out in a T-shirt and boxers to find her gone. She starts the car but realizes she made a mistake and as she steps out to go back to her luscious Michael, there’s Kellerman with a gun in her face. The End.

*And now a little treat. I just happened to be watching the news last night and they did a little Prison Break segment. Enjoy!


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2 responses to “Prison Break Rendezvous 11/6 Recap

  1. tia

    I know these aren’t real people but can someone please tell me what the hell does someone as sexy as Michael Scofied see in someone as plain and boring as Sara Tancredi am I missing something did he not relize how hot his wife was?

  2. soiled undies

    Halullujah! (Did I spell that right…haven’t been to church for a long time)
    Amen! ( I can spell that at least) I know! Sara is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO BORING! She doesn’t seem into it…she’s got issues! She doesn’t wholeheartedly trust Michael or she is too cautious…I dunno, something is WRONG with her!

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