Tears From Heaven

The man with the most beautiful cry I’ve ever seen sheds some tears for us next week. Head on over to Just Jared for more pics and to ask Jared questions about next weeks’ episode.

And just because I couldn’t reisist a couple more…

The things I would do to that mouth…


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5 responses to “Tears From Heaven

  1. Linds

    He seriously has the most perfect lips….ever.

  2. Wet For Went

    Everything about him is perfect. Just perfect.

  3. Anonymous

    can you imagine what those lips would feel like come on take a minute and think about mmmmmmmmmmmmm

  4. Anonymous

    anonymous…you’re killing me here.

  5. soiled undies

    Those LIPS! Want him to put those LIPS around my nipple, want him to taste my sweet nectar…drink my milkshake…suckle….Mmmmmmmmmm

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