Wentworth Miller Is Not Gay

Exhibit A

Wentworth Miller can not dance. All gay men everywhere have rhythm. Wenty does not. Therefore, he can not be gay.

Exhibit B

Wentworth Miller can not dress. We know this from various pics of him where he has clearly dressed himself. Every gay man on earth could put any woman’s sense of style to shame. Therefore, he can not be gay.

Exhibit C

Wentworth Miller does not dye his hair. What self respecting gay man would let himself go grey? Not a one. Therefore, he can not be gay.

Exhibit D

Wentworth Millers’ ring finger is SHORTER than his index finger. Anyone who has ever watched The L Word religiously can tell you that one of the first things we ever learned was that scientifically speaking, if your ring finger is longer than your index finger you’re gay. If not, then you’re just not. Therefore, he can not be gay.

Exhibit E

Wenworth Miller often puts his hands on his hips. Now I know what you’re thinking. That’s gay…But no! No it’s quite the opposite my friends as we learned at the SAG awards when Heath Ledger just couldn’t keep his hand off of his hip while he and Jake Gyllenhaal presented the best love story ever told, Brokeback Mountain. Heath is straight, straight as an arrow. He has a girlfriend and a baby to prove it and he puts his hand on his hip all the time! This can only mean that Wentworth Miller is not gay.

I rest my case.


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72 responses to “Wentworth Miller Is Not Gay

  1. allheavens

    Very funny! But there are better photos of Wentworth’s fashion faux pas than the one used.

    Just look at this, I mean this is just sad.


  2. Stacy

    This was great! Although you have me starting to question my own sexuality. My ring finger is longer than my index. Have I been fooling myself? hah.

  3. Meeshyyy

    Haha hilarious but i must admit u sound a bit stereotypical..i have a couple gay friends that are NONE of the reasons why you wrote how a person is/isnt gay. but im not saying hes gay lol im just proving a point.

  4. Wet For Went

    allheavens, that’s a lovely example. Poor misguided Went.

    stacy, you’re totally gay. You heard it here first.

    mishaaaa, the sterotyping was actually the whole point, lol. I have gay friends that don’t fit into any of these categories too. None of us actually has any idea whether he’s gay or not. I was just havin a little fun.

  5. Anabella

    Went is sooo gay, isn’t he?

  6. Meeshyyy

    Oooh haha im dumb like that dont mind me ^_^

  7. Wet For Went

    allheavens, I’m still looking at that pic you posted…goddess he is hot…no matter what colors he is mixing together…the shit is ridiculous…good god!

  8. Patty


    Somewhere I saw a HQ copy of this picture. HIs hands are positivly trashed! No gay man would leave the house with his cuticles looking like that! Ever. He is so not gay!

  9. Wet For Went

    I know right! Thank you Patty. Always good to have more proof.

  10. playin' ugly

    that airport photo is the best! i love it! and judging from the comfortable baggyness of the clothes – smart way to travel but totally not gay – OMG! epifany! he’s a LESBIAN!

  11. Linds


    Jesus mary and joseph the boy looks homeless! but still hot. like homeless-chic. love him.

  12. britpopbaby

    The airport pic isn’t that bad! Just many layers and much baggyness.

    And my index finger and ring fingers are the smae length so am I bi?

  13. Wet For Went

    Yes brits, that’s EXACTLY what it means.

  14. Anonymous

    saw the airport pic…i think i’m missing something…i thought he looked adorable! i did find it funny that the add right below the pic said – Get Pregnant…hmmm…. coincidence..? i think not. xxx B

  15. soiled undies

    The fact that my ring and index fingers are the same length definitely explains my bi tendancies.

    On Heath Ledger not being gay: Hmmm, You never know what goes on in the bedroom…Everyone thought Ennis in Brokeback was straight, but at night alone with his wife he showed other desires…who’s to say art doesn’t imiate life? Having a baby means nothing, I was just watching What I Like About You and Holly & Val’s dad was exposed to be a good old gay.

    You present a strong argument, your case will stand in court.

    Yes, everyone knows gays dye their hair, everyone knows gays can dress (they are fashion QUEENS) and EVERYONE knows that real gays masQUEERade as cowboys & go herd sheep on mountains for some alone time. As far as I know Went is allergic to sheep ( at least he’s allergic to dogs & cats so sheep are close enough).

    Hope those gay rumours are finally put to rest on examination of this overwhelming evidence.

  16. Anonymous

    This is CLASSIC! Thanks for illuminating to the ignorant masses what we die-hard Went fans already know.

  17. Anonymous

    that was great! I met him and I totally don’t think he is gay 🙂

  18. Anonymous

    wentworth miller is no more gay than i am and im straighter than anything its a load of crap and if he was gay which he isnt im sure people wouldnt mind looking at him no matter wot

  19. Anonymous

    If your ring finger and your index fingers are the same length or your ring finger is longer than your index finger, how is that always true =S.. I’m not gay at ALL and my ring finger is longer than my index finger. I have a gf and I never ever look at guys in that way, get your fact right. P.S, I think it’s all a load of bollocks that Wentworth Miller is gay. Even if he was, why would it affect you?

  20. Anonymous

    he’s not gay haha, he’s said in so many interviews
    that we wants a girlfriend but he’s just too busy for one right now.
    everyone just care’s too much about things that don’t concern them
    he’s not gay.

  21. Anonymous

    ilove you my love wentworth

  22. Anonymous

    he is not gay he is sexey guy

  23. Anonymous

    oh my god wentworth you are so sexy guy

  24. olinda

    i saw a picture him and Luke McFarlane. i realy hoppe it is not try. 😦

  25. kim

    he’s very sexy!!!!!!!! so hot! therefor, he can not be gay. haha

  26. Anty

    *pops in* Well, he DOES look kinda prematurely-grey in that pic… but isn’t that from “The Human Stain”, when he was only thirty? That can’t be right.

  27. brynny

    hahaha, well those are like so NOT candid shots so its like a posed kinda thing? of course he look man in it. i mean, like “real” man in it. i think if he’s gay, prison break is really a heaven for him

  28. kalypso

    I have a theory: I don’t think any straight girls who are attracted to him actually think he’s gay. I also don’t think straight girls who aren’t attracted to him (who were clearly dropped on their heads as babies, hehe) care enough to accuse him of being gay. I think all these accusations arose from gay guys who want him for themselves and straight guys who are jealous and who think the only sign of a striaght guy is a womanizer who is inarticulate.

  29. Cat's Meow


    I like your theory!!!


    And don’t forget the wrinkled shirts. What gay man in their right mind would go out wearing wrinkled shirts???!!! lol

  30. Rose

    That dancing is GOLD, Lmao
    Am I only one who broke into:

    “you and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals,
    so let’s do it like they do on the discovery channel”

    oh yeah went work it baby work it!

  31. Kassie

    I have no opinion on the straighteness/gayness debate. I love Went no matter what. But I must take issue with a couple exhibits: A. How do you know he can’t dance? C. Anderson Cooper has gray hair. D. It looks to me like his index finger is about equal to his ring finger.

    I do know this: WM is SOOOO hot that, to get near him without catching on fire, one must wear an asbestos suit….

  32. Kassie

    I forgot to mention that his outfit in Exhibit B. isn’t all that bad…not one of his worst, for sure! And to go back to the dancing issue…do you have any more evidence? I’d love to see him dance, no matter how bad.

  33. Cat's Meow

    Went is HOTTER than the sun, in fact Al Gore blames him for global warming!!! LOL

  34. Cat's Meow

    Went is so HOT, he’s the reason for global warming!

  35. Anonymous

    I love went, he is sooo hot!! I hope he’s not gay..
    you need to see this video, it is so funny!!

  36. alina

    I don’t believe he’s gay either….
    I’m obsessed with men’s hands … that’s the first thing I look at … and now I’ll obsess even more looking at their ring and index finger lol…
    and by the way … I LOVE his hands…. so sexy to me… and beautiful eyes too

  37. mayza

    Went não é gay..tenho certeza!!!!!!
    um bixo lindo desses? como é que pode?!

  38. bleuciel

    @mayza: his (extremely) good-looks don’t guarantee heterosexuality LOL

  39. dalagang pilipina

    he is not a gay because he is going to marry me.. hahahaha..

  40. He is not gay…i’ve watched his interview where he said that he is not gay..he said something about his ex girlfriends…Now u know…HE IS NOT GAY… 100%… I mean..come on..he is THE perfect man!

  41. Mary anne

    did you watched that interview on youtube?

  42. anca

    i think that he’s not gay and a think that all the women in the world wnt to make love whit him

  43. ScentOfApathy

    i love Wentwoth Miller ! gay or not ❤

  44. Sara4Went

    i love his hands too. they are amaaazing..along with everything else.

    my cousin is gay and he says he can tell looking at a guy if they r gay?? he said Went is def straight. so im taking his word for it 😀

  45. Wentworth's Wife

    I concure WFW

  46. I love Went..and I don’t think he’s gay…however I’d like to try… ;-))

  47. wentworth is a very nice guy and like his personality very much…..dont say these bad things on him that just heart him …and by the way he said on an interview once he is not gay…..so just stop it people

  48. its hurt not heart ..sorry>>>>>

  49. antoinette

    I decide to believe in Wentworth miller. It is not gay
    I hope it does not lie because I do not like liars (for whatever reasons)

  50. Jay

    sorry girls, i really think he’s gay.. luke mcfarlane now finally had his coming out and he was soooo often seen with went.. here a quote from a news site:
    “McFarlane says his friends and family already know, but he decided to wait to admit it to the world. Luke reportedly once dated Wentworth Miller who has yet to come out.”

  51. antoinette

    One can say anything on the Internet
    For example, the eyes of wentworth miller had 2 colors. I read the original intervieuw of luke macfarlane, and it doesn’t speak of wentworth miller. On Just Jared some people swear luke lives with a painter for 1 year. I like luke and wentworth So I prefered to listen luke and wentworth not bloggers. In the article in question luke doesnt want to talk about his private life . IT did not prejudice to a friend (or lover) .

  52. antoinette

    “Sitting on the patio of an exclusive Hollywood hotel, wearing a grey T-shirt and red jacket, Macfarlane says he does intend to keep a certain amount of his life private. Asked if he is currently in a relationship, his answer is quick: “That is my personal life. That is where I draw the difference.” He does allow though, that he would like to be married some day.”

  53. sonia

    hello WFM
    is it true that it is on your blog that a person would have said that wentworth miller had a relationship with M.Lidell a photographer.
    thank you very much for your answer

  54. katia

    you are so sexy and i am appy to know that you are not gay

  55. Marina

    He’s the hottest man I have ever seen!! I would give everything to have him,as every girl would do!!! So,he just CANNOT be gay! It’s impossible!! It doesn’t make any sense!

  56. i love u went more than u know

    thank u so much u r like the best i know it he can not be gay he is too good to be

  57. amy

    Don’t know why people are on about his dress sense. I personally like it. He’s a casual guy and that’s that. Ok some shirt colours are questionable but he can dress!! Very simple and down to earth.

  58. elaine

    I don’t think he’s a gay…he’s so cute and handsome…we do think we should believe in him and respect his private life.

  59. elaine

    I don’t think he’s a gay…he’s so cute and handsome…I love his eyes so much…I do think we should believe in him and respect his private life.

  60. nanuka

    i love you miller

  61. Ella

    i still think he’s at least bi. or else i’m loosing any interest in that guy.

  62. micheal

    I fuck America.I’m From Turkiye and America is cad

  63. He’s so not gay! I mean he totally does not fit the part! And I love Went to much to believe that, I think people right just trying to get under his skin and find out something wrong with him! I mean when someone first gets famous people always think/say they’re gay! Which he’s so not! But I totally agree with you, if he is I’ll cry but he’s not so there!

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  65. Richard

    He’s gay period. The hand thing as stated here is wrong. Check this page http://www.viewzone.com/fingers.html
    It’s quite the opposite.

  66. gadgets (be/nl)

    Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different web browsers and both show the same outcome.

  67. “Wentworth Millers’ ring finger is SHORTER than his index finger. Anyone who has ever watched The L Word religiously can tell you that one of the first things we ever learned was that scientifically speaking, if your ring finger is longer than your index finger you’re gay. If not, then you’re just not. Therefore, he can not be gay.”

    It´s quite the opposite actually. If your ring finger is shorter than you´re index finger than you have more estrogen in your body, therefore he might be gay. If your ring finger is longer or the ring finger and the index finger are the same length you have more testosterone.

  68. nicbeast


  69. Aaron

    Nicebeast – I second that.

    • Miss Mimi

      Oh my goodness all the cute ones are really married or gay! Wentworth just came out stating he was gay on Ellen ! Sexy ass man . What a lost.

  70. Hugo

    Great article .. One thing I ever learned from a movie or serial is : do not trust mass-media and there I included : tv, newspaper, pc blogs etc.
    Where I learned that? On prison break from the man with stained image because of some people who wants to harm him.
    Try to view the real man inside Miller, not the man THEY wants you to think it is.

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