3 More Glorious Weeks of Prison Break…

and then another freaking hiatus…*sigh* In case you were not aware, the Fall Finale of Prison Break is on 11/27. We won’t see any more weekly Went until next year and no return date has been set. What oh what will we do?

I know baby. I feel the same way…*wiping away a tear*

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3 responses to “3 More Glorious Weeks of Prison Break…

  1. tia

    all I know is you and Just Jared better come up with something for us Wentphiles or someones gonna get hurt,lol

  2. Nothing Really Matters

    Dude when does prison break came back on in England?? Do you know??

  3. Wet For Went

    tia, is that a threat? LOL My brain cells are working overtime believe me. Prison Break guarantees I have at least 2 posts a week for the recap and the Wentcap. I am not happy about it either for more reasons than just missing Wents’ face every week! Jared has the inside track. Maybe he will have some pics to get us through. I’ll try and come up with something too.

    nothing really matters, I believe that Season 2 starts for you guys in January so not much longer.

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