Complete Reversal of Yesterday’s Post!

Wentworth Miller IS Gay! And apparently so is EVERYONE ELSE! Dear God…

According to sources on the internet every male movie star, rock star, TV star, comedian, artist, writer, TV host and performer is gay. It seems that someone posted on a bulletin board that their friend was at a party and saw every male celebrity in America flirting and acting gay with other men. It was further reported that someone’s friend slept with all the male celebrities and that “everyone in the industry” knows that they are gay.

Fervent heterosexual activity by some males in the entertainment industry was dismissed with a wave of the hand. “Oh please!” declared the guy with the info. “Everyone knows that they are the biggest queens.”



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6 responses to “Complete Reversal of Yesterday’s Post!

  1. Anonymous

    this is all a certain fugly ass blogger’s fault because he met Went and got shot the fuck down!!!!!!!

  2. Danyelle Dillon

    Haven’t you heard? The whole of earth is gay. From toasters doing other toasters (and not bread) to blue doing blue (instead of pink). EVERYTHING on earth is gay. There’s no escape.

    Btw, good job with the blog.

  3. Anonymous

    lmao. Good one Danyelle.

  4. Wet For Went

    LOL @ both of you. Thanks Dany!

  5. Nothing Really Matters

    LOL that is so funny!

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