Ode to Wentworth Miller

Oh Wentworth, you are such a gent
Polite and smart and talented
I’d love you if you didn’t have a cent
You’re why I created Wet For Went

Oh Wentworth, you’re so fine
I hope one day to make you mine
Just a roll in the hay would be sublime
We’d have a really rockin’ time

Oh Wentworth, you’re so tall
It must be hard to shop at the mall
I know that we would have a ball
If only my number you would call

Oh Wentworth, you’re so sweet
You have some really big ol’ feet
Another reason we should meet
well that and what you put in your seat

Oh Wentworth, you have such pretty eyes
Sometimes they’re as blue as the skies
and others dark, they hypnotize
There are no panties you leave dry

Oh Wentworth, come to Baltimore
I’ll be your dirty little whore
I promise I am not a bore
I am what you’ve been waiting for


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3 responses to “Ode to Wentworth Miller

  1. Stacy

    Ha, those are all great. Naturally, my favorite is the last one. Hmm…what would go with Toledo?

    Oh Wentworth, come to Toledo…

    Frig. I’m totally not creative.

  2. Wet For Went

    Thanks. It was actually just one long series of ridiculous rhymes I came up with when I was bored and then I decided to throw some pics in there, lol. The last one is of course my favorite as well and I mean every word of it. Toledo?

    Oh Wentworth come out to Toledo
    But make sure you don’t wear a Speedo
    Cuz then I’d give your ass the heave-ho
    What am I saying, I couldn’t say no

    How’s that, LMAO. Best I could come up with off the top of my head.

  3. epantz

    umm… i live in mississauga… what the hell rhymes with mississauga?

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