Prison Break Bolshoi Booze 11/13 Recap


Oh man. GREAT episode. Good, good stuff this week folks.

We open with T-bag still struggling to free himself from that radiator and the thing we knew he would do…He does. He rips that hand right off. Thankfully, it happens off screen and we don’t have to see nor hear it. OUCH!

Michael is buying fishing reel oil which looks suspiciously similar in packaging to the nitroglycerine that was taken by the FBI. He’s also getting a GPS system. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have enough money for both. He has no choice but to grab it while the shopkeep isn’t looking. The elderly shop owner catches him and comes after him so Michael has to take him down…Right into a cooler display. Poor old man tells him to “Just take it. Please don’t hurt me.” So sad. Needless to say Michael feels like shit once he gets out of the place. Brutal. Poor Michael; He had to go to jail to become a criminal. This inspires a montage of all the people he has had to see hurt or hurt in order to save his brother. Michaels’ conscience is working overtime but hark what do we have across the street? A church. He’s saved!

Cut to the secret cabin where Grandaddy Burrows is explaining the plan to bring down the president. Apparently the secret group of people who used to work for “the company” but are now anti-govt, had a spy in the Homeland Security telephone conversation recording division (it’s not really called that but that explains it in a nutshell) who tried to get the telephone conversation that was recorded 2 weeks after Terrence Steadman supposedly died out of the building. (This proves Linc didn’t kill him if he’s still running around talking and all). Homie never made it out the building though. Governor Tancredi however did recover the same info before he was killed and that is where the key comes in that Sara has. Sara is (and has) the key. Just then, the mole in the house tries to kill them all and Linc beats the shit out of him. Good stuff. Girl who got head butted in the mouth last week saves the day just as the bad guy is going at Linc with the meatcleaver, by shooting him dead. Yay!

Cue credits.

Cut to Kellerman duct taping Sara’s hands and feet to a chair. This is not looking good. He asks her what her father told her. She says she doesn’t know. He goes to the bathroom and fills the tub.

Michael takes his weepy ass to confession. Not that he doesn’t have cause to weep. Apparently, when he was a kid he watched a man bleed out and did nothing. In fact, he was happy. He thought the man deserved it. We don’t yet know what the hell he’s talking about but I’m sure we’ll find out. Call me crazy but I have some reason to think this has something to do with the fact that last week, head butt girl told Linc that their father met Michael when he was 10. Linc is under the impression they never met. I’m sure all this will be important at some point.

Back to the cabin, dead spys’ phone rings and Linc answers and exchanges words with Mr. Kim. He tells him it will all end with his hands around Mr. Kims’ throat. V for Vendetta anyone? Still, it was sexy.

Mr. Kim is on the road. Seems he’s going to personally let Mahone out of the cage, remind him of his mission, and threaten to off his kid if he doesn’t get it right. Talk about pressure. I know they’re bad, but I kind of like the evil government sometimes.

Back at the cabin, seems head butt girl is going to take LJ while Aldo and Linc go meet Michael. No idea why they’re splitting up but I don’t like it one bit.

Michael has hitchhiked his way to the middle of nowhere and is navigating to his destination with his ill-gotten GPS.

Mahone is trying to figure out what the hell Bolshoi Booze means and calls his ex-wife after he gets frustrated and throws the picture of words in Michaels’ tattoo. Ex-wife doesn’t answer, he leaves a message and gets back to it. However, the paper is now upside down and he figures out bolshoi booze is not a place, they’re numbers. It’s actually 32009 1045709…Coordinates.

Mystery truck pulls up to Michael in the middle of the desert. Unknown Latino steps out looking for his nitroglycerine in exchange for a plane ride out of dodge. 2 more Latinos get out. They say shit in Spanish and they, along with Michael, walk on in to some tent that appeared out of nowhere waiting on the call as to where the plane will be. I smell trouble.

Back to Kellerman and Sara, he’s still asking questions but now her chair is in front of the tub. All of a sudden, he pushes the chair in. Oh shit he’s going to torture her. She’s still not talking! MORE TORTURE! Poor Sara.

Mahone called the coordinates in to the FBI guys and they tell him where it is or something.

Back to Michael. Apparently the nitroglycerine is for medicine in Mexico. We find out that they know he’s one of the Fox River 8 but they have law trouble too so they can’t turn him in. Tension mounts and they decide to test the merchandise. Michael is screwed.

T-bag is cowering in a parking lot tying up his hand and whimpering. His face looks like hell. He looks crazy. He takes out the device that he told Bellick and Geary was for his blood pressure last week (I don’t think I mentioned that. I didn’t know it was relevant until now) and we see a blinking red light inside of a house-like structure. Me thinks he has a tracking device in the money. This is going to be good.

Geary checked himself into a swanky hotel and is walking around in a robe blasting rock music, looking happy and ordering hookers.

Aldo and Linc are still 3 hours away. Not good for Michael. He’s going to need some help as soon as they figure out that ain’t nitroglycerine!

They get the call about the plane but they have already discovered the merchandise is fake. Mike feigns ignorance but then, out comes the gun…dammit. But wait! The brother outside catches something to the face and goes down and who should sneak in but Sucre with a gun to save the day! Yes! He shoots our main bad guy and everyone ends up tied to a chair.

Back to Sara and the torture is just heating up. After being repeatedly dunked she’s still not talking so Kellerman is sporting a huge, thick, rubber glove. What the hell could be going on here? He plugs up and turns on an iron and Good Lord, he dunks her head under and puts the iron in the water, electrocuting her. OK, Kellerman is not playing games.

Cut back to Geary about to have his way with not one, not two, but three hookers. He goes to his bag to get some money to pay them with and notices a blinking light just as there is a knock at the door. HAHAHAHAHAHA! T-bag comes walking in looking crazy and says one word: “Leave.” The girls know that is their cue and they scatter like roaches. Geary starts by apologizing for the torture and then actually says they can split the money. HAHAHAHAHAHA! T-bag picks up a champagne bottle. I LOVE T-bag!

Back to Sucre and company and poor shot Papi is bleeding out as they pump him for the location of the plane. The other two plead with him to give Michael and Sucre the location so they can take him to a hospital. He tells them in exchange for his freedom, only Sucre doesn’t want to let them go…eventhough if they leave them there, the one that’s shot will bleed to death.

Mr. Kim calls Kellerman to get a progress update and when he finds out the torture isn’t working, he orders the kill.

Meanwhile T-bag is sipping champagne sitting next to his bag of money and he has changed the music to country. LOL He takes a receipt out of the bag of money and smiles but we don’t get to see what it is.

Michael can’t live with leaving someone to die so he unties everybody. They walk out peacefully and then they tell Michael where the REAL location of the plane is. See it pays to be a good person after all.

Geary gets wheeled into the hospital just as Bellick is leaving after being checked out. Bellick got whacked in the head pretty good last week. Eventhough he called Geary earlier in the episode and threatened to kill him if he found him, when he sees his bloody corpse, he looks sad.

Mahone apologizes to his ex-wife and has what sounds like a suicide conversation. He is coming unglued but I doubt he’s going to off himself. I love how they humanize even the bad guys. Mahone gets out of the car and starts walking toward Michaels’ location.

Just then, here comes Aldo and Linc, but Michael doesn’t look happy to see Daddy…Hmmm. He says “We’ve met before,” as that beautiful lower lip quivers. He looks horrified, upset and almost afraid.

Cut back to Kellerman who is damn near having a breakdown over the fact that he has to kill Sara. He works up the nerve, marches back into the bathroom and tells her he’s about to kill her. She doesn’t budge, brave girl. He kicks her chair, she falls in, she’s screaming underwater…FUCK! The End.


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3 responses to “Prison Break Bolshoi Booze 11/13 Recap

  1. Stacy

    I never knew it was possible to get so turned on watching a man cry. But doves sing, flowers bloom, and cute, fluffy puppies are born each time Went does.

  2. Linds

    I believe it’s official – PB wardrobe is mad at Went. Brown cords, gray long sleeve t shirt in 100 degree heat. It’s just….wrong on so many levels.

  3. Wet For Went

    Oh stacey, when he cries, oh man…It’s just beautiful and it always excites me. Does that make us weird?

    linds, that’s their way of trying not to keep applying the tattoo. I guess it saves money or whatever and Went probably appreciates not having to apply it and scrub it off too!

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