Rejoice! No Prison Break Hiatus!

Though there is still no set date for Prison Break to return after 11/27, It will NOT be taking a super duper long time to return to us like last year. Weekly Went! Yes!

FOX has made a decision not to put their hit drama “Prison Break” on winter hiatus this season as they did last year, Preston Beckman, executive VP of strategic program planning at Fox said today at the International Radio & Television Society.

Last season, FOX pulled the Monday night thriller at the end of November and brought it back on March 20. Then they ran the remaining 9 episodes non-stop till the end of May pairing it off with their mega-hit series “24”.

Originally, the network had the same plan for this year. But, as reported earlier, FOX is having its probably worst fall season ever with most of their freshman series headed for cancellation and not a single new hit on the schedule.

Last year, there had been many viewer protests against the split season of “Prison Break”. But, since the network premieres the show in August (a month earlier than the official start of a new TV season), they only have 9 out of 22 episodes left by the end of November and since this highly serialized drama does not perform well in repeats, the network normally prefers to split the season in two parts (ABC’s Lost and CBS’ Jericho will do the same this season).

This year, however, FOX does not have a choice. Although they may take several weeks off (due to sports programming and the premiere of ’24’), the show will be back on TV much earlier than originally anticipated. The exact airdate for episode #14 has not been announced at this time.



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    Great, great news, yessss!

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