Wentcap: Wentworth Miller Recap

Other than Bolshoi Booze being a fantastic episode, it was also a Wentcap Extravaganza! Let the games begin.

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. I am just too sexy.

Only Went could make a Confessional sexy. Went could make ANYTHING sexy.

I’ll dry your tears Went.

OK Went, were you TRYING to outdo Denzel here? A solitary Glory tear? Outstanding. I have never seen a prettier crier before in my life. If there was an award for Best Cry, you would win…Although Jakes’ was absolutely perfect and heartbreaking in Brokeback Mountain…OK maybe it would be a tie…no wait…OK you win Best Cry and we can give Jake Best Crying Scene. So he’s like, really great, but you own it. OK, that’s fair.

I’m ready for my closeup.


What do say to your hands on MY hips?

Ah the hands on the hips…sexy. See, everything about Went is sexy. When I look at this picture I think to myself “Excuse me, Are those Bugle Boy jeans you’re wearing?”


The mole. The mole I’d like to lick, like everything else on him. You know what else? He wins Best Closed Eye Look. I’d love to watch him sleep. It’s probably the 8th Wonder of the world.

Come Hither

OK, he’s bringing sexy back. This look is sexy. What Went? On my knees? As you wish.

Deep in sexy thought

Lip biting…so sexy.

Please, shoot. No really, shoot me, anywhere you like.

Here he goes again with a gun. Went+gun=Wetness

Biting your lip AND looking directly at someone Went is dangerous .

OK, he’s teasing me and I can’t take it.

That tongue. That tongue!

Wenttongue. How often do we get to see that? Treasure this, for the moments are few and far between that we get to see the sacred tongue. I’d like to do more than just see it…

You go Went!

The intensity, the drive, the emotion! Oh Went how I love you.

I almost cried…

One word: Wentastic!

OK now that I’m done objectifying the shit out of him, I have to give him mad props this week. That boy acted his ass off. The lip quiver was phenomenal. I call this clip, And the Emmy goes to.


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2 responses to “Wentcap: Wentworth Miller Recap

  1. epantz

    i think that is actually the most hillariously entertaining thing i’ve ever read. you just say what everyone is thinking, and for that, I thank you. Your blog is awesome!! keep it up 😀

  2. Wet For Went

    You’re too kind epantz! I plan to keep it up until Went finally calls me or in other words, forever.

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