Prison Break Preview Screencaps

If you like spoilers, go on over to Just Jared for some screencaps from the last 2 episodes of Prison Break until next year. Looks like it makes Went sad too to leave us for so very very long.


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5 responses to “Prison Break Preview Screencaps

  1. Stacy

    I hope it’s ok, but I just licked this pic (and drooled a bit into the keyboard). I suppose it doesn’t harm anything for you but what about my own LCD panel? I wonder if that kind of wet damage is covered under warranty?

  2. Wet For Went

    Wait til su sees it. She wanted him on his knees and he obliged.

  3. Anonymous

    I cant believe they get caught

  4. soiled undies

    My prayers were answered! Went somehow hear my dirty wishes and obeyed!Yes Went you will obey Mama or you will get spanked! Please disobey Mama! Please disobey Mama!

    I think I might have penetrated his mind, perhaps in a another cosmic reality, light years away from this plain of conscious thought. (Sorry I just had to bring a lil hippy, free spirit, sci-fi, mumbo- jumbo, nonsense in, for fun, keep things interesting.)

    Seriously though, how adorable is this pic?! He is in despair, he looks so lost, desolute and hopeless, poor baby! Mama will fix all that though.

    I’d just smack him around a few times to get the juices flowing and then he’d be all randy and ready for ACTION.

    Yeah Baby yeah!

  5. Wet For Went

    anon 4:18, to tell the truth, I’d rather not have known and it’s really my fault for going over there but I can’t resist opening whatever has Wents’ name on it usually so now it’s spoiled! Dammit! LOL I’ll live though. I can’t believe it either.

    su, he looks DESTROYED in this pic. Poor baby! So talented…Went is the King of angst and pain.

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