Wentworth Miller…Naked

If ever there were Wentworth Miller pictures to be worshipped endlessly, it would be these. Thanks to my sisters in Wentlust at The Church for reminding me that the world has in fact seen Wentworth Miller naked. Such a shame I had to scale them down for display but still, I can die happy now. My GOD you can almost see his ass in a couple of these. I can’t take any more Went sexiness this week. I just can’t.


Luscious shadowy Wentbod

This should be a painting…

If he looked at me like that, I’d melt on the spot.

Lord help me…


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10 responses to “Wentworth Miller…Naked

  1. soiled undies

    Naked Went! All is right with the world! I think the earth might have stopped spinning on its own axis for a second, or at least it did for me!

    I saw The Human Stain a while ago and I actually thought it was a good movie. The timing was a little off and it dragged in some parts and yes occasionally it did become self indulgent and nonsensical but oh the whole it dealt with serious thought provoking topics. Went was probably the best thing in it (and even though I am biased it’s true) but I think everybody acted well, though Nicole/her character was a bit much at times.

    Okay just wrote a review but I was really surprised at how badly this movie got slammed! I don’t see why the critics were so hard.

    Anyhoo…. whatever! We got to see Wentflesh and who cannot be happy with that!

    Wentflesh = Big Wentlust = Lots of time in bed playing with myself


    Any excuse to stay in bed. Every time I come here I feel like it’s my birthday and I get candy!

    WFW: Did I mention I LOVE YOU?! And it’s not spelt LUV anymore. I think our relationship is progressing…lol

  2. notthedoctor

    i agree with you tia, Went is the best part in this movie…
    the nakkid part is the best part of the best part of the whole thing. hee hee!
    Went bless the rewind and pause buttons! Halleluja!

    Temperature rising in my nether region…*off watching it again and doing what’s necessary*

  3. Wet For Went

    Went was GREAT in The Human Stain. He nailed every scene he was in. I didn’t really like the movie per se, but Wents’ scenes were awesome and Nicole had one of the best lines ever. I don’t remember it exactly and I hate to butcher it but it was something along the lines of “You can do anything you want to me. How many women can say that and really mean it.” FUCKING FABULOUS, LOL. One of these days I’ll review it. For now, I’ll just gaze at these pics some more. *Homer Simpson voice* Mmmmmm, Wentworth…

    Love you too su!

  4. Anonymous

    Went has such a young, Grecian athlete’s body, don’t you think? He was made to lounge around posing for sculptures.

    The Human Stain could’ve gone a lot deeper into the secret that plagued Coleman Silk so that we wouldn’t have to see Nicole with her bad Flashdance hairstyle taking frantic drags from her ciggies. Annoying!

    I tried to get into the love scenes with Went, but that ugly blonde ruined them for me. And that “sexy” dance she did…lame. Even through careful editing, you could tell that Went wanted to break out in a raucous guffaw.

    I think his best scene was the last one with his mother…knowing his ethnic background and his own personal struggles with “fitting in,” the entire scene just resonated with his complete understanding.

  5. nickle

    omg! that’s so hot! i ❤ wentworth too! :drools:

  6. soiled undies

    Anon: “a young, Grecian athlete’s body” – pure poetry!
    I liked that dance! It was sexy, sort of goofy but still sexy, an off beat sexiness.
    There was some ballet(ish) movements there and that girl (Jacinda?) looked like she had a background in dancing or at least took a few lessons.

    Maybe she was overwhelmed by the thought that she had to shimmy outta her clothes while trying to look sexy in front of Went.

    God! Can you imagine if Went said to you “Dance for me” I would melt and probably do the splits or something silly.

    WFW: You can do anything you want to me. Can you FEEL that I MEAN it?!

  7. Anonymous

    ok so how sexy did Went sound when he said dance for me I creamed my panties!

  8. soiled undies

    Anon: “creamed my panties!” – HA! That’s one I haven’t heard in a while.

    Yes, super – duper – ultra sexy.

  9. Anonymous

    “Dance for me?”

    I would dance like there was no tomorrow. In glorious nakedness. For Went.

    The End.

  10. wents_sexy_brunette

    OMG! Wentworth has such a sexy ass! He’s got delicious man curves and geez! I wanna fuck him hardcore and give him the best fucking blowjob a man could ever have. I just wanna show him all my sexual techniques and how good I am in bed!!! FUCK! He’s so damn sexy!lol! Okay, I think I’m getting a little 2 freaky.tee hee.

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