Wentworth Miller Related Blog Post Highlight

My most recent pick for blog posts dedicated to Went is just one sentence and a picture but the plea is completely hilarious in its sincerity. I had a good laugh.

*I would like to add that I must really love you people because I just missed Jamal Lewis’ touchdown blogging this. You are so lucky I have Tivo or I would be cussing you all out right now. 10-7 Ravens bitches! HA HA! Make that 24-10! GAME! 8-2 baby!*

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One response to “Wentworth Miller Related Blog Post Highlight

  1. notthedoctor

    well, the GQ pics are the best he ever did, i love them all, and that one in particular. He is just plain hot!
    and the wishful cry! HEH!
    you know one of my best friend is gay, he watches Prison Break and i showed some inerviews of the Pretty and the episodes of that silly but funny show Popular.
    Verdict : NOT GAY!
    i swear that’s what he told me, and not to prevent me from a devastating numbing brain-blackout that him being gay would cause!
    Needless to say that i trust my friend with my Hotness-worshinpping-life!!!!
    I don’t know where that rumor came from, but i think it’s a big fat lie and i’ll proove them all wrong the day i spent the night having crazy monkey sex with him!! YAY BABY!
    You just wait and see!
    *planning Paris/Dallas flight as soon as possible*

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