A few things…

  • You may have noticed that the sidebar has changed a bit. I am always fiddling with it so it actually changes all the time if you watch it closely. I have links to Wents’ work over there now (as well as to my aStore which is way prettier) so if you’re going to buy any of it, or anything from Amazon for that matter, go through that portal so I can get like, a penny. Went was in ONE episode of ER in season 7 but for some reason they don’t have that season available by itself. I am by no means trying to imply that you should buy all 8 seasons; Yeah fucking right. Well if you’re a big ER fan, buy away, but it’s just there because he was in it and I was trying to be thorough. Also, Prison Break Season 2 is listed but obviously, as it isn’t even over yet, it is not yet for sale, but you can enter your email address and be notified when it goes on sale (I am addicted to this Amazon feature). The aStore is mainly for Went things but also has some things I like in there so take a look if you are so inclined. I never buy things from ads I see on blogs usually but I had time on my hands and I wanted to list his work anyway so I thought, why not? Anyway, a link to The Confession is also in the sidebar. You can watch that online for free.

  • There are links under Listed At where you can vote for this blog on the various sites it is listed on. If you love me, click those links and vote!

  • If I am not posting, odds are I am either doing actual work (you would think I didn’t have a day job as well as a side hustle the way I mess with this blog all day long), or I am at one of my familiar haunts under my Favorite Links so check there if you’re looking for me. (The bottom favorite link is not a blog but the rest are).

  • Over the weekend I got email alerts to quite a few comments on old posts and I responded to them. Of course the rest of you would only know that there were new comments if you checked each and every post for new comments which I’m sure you don’t do. That’s where Cocomments comes in. There’s a link on the sidebar (under Subscribe) for you to sign up. Then you can subscribe to a posts’ comments and Cocomments will actually alert you when a new comment has been posted (all of this is automatic with the Firefox plugin, if not, you can do it manually…However, If you’re not using Firefox you should be dammit. It makes life so much easier). Cocomments is handy as hell and it’s how I keep up with all the comments I make around the web. It is your friend. You know what? Firefox and Cocomment are not paying me for this…

  • I have added a link to my very first post and to the Technorati blogs that have mentioned Wet For Went right under the Wet For Went Biography. We had a traffic explosion over the weekend because Michael K from Dlisted posted a link to Keena’s awesome video, pre-sound effects, which subsequently got nearly 18,000 hits and 3 honors on You Tube. Apparently, a lot of people are wet for Went. Thanks MK! Also, somehow, Megite picked us up too through Gossip or Truth. Whoa!

  • I love Went but there’s another man that has a very large chunk of my heart and his name is Jake Gyllenhaal. I felt the need to say this because LA tried to imply that I was done with Jake. LA, I am NEVER done with Jake. NEVER! I’m JakeWatch Agent #0017!

  • Who else is totally looking forward to tonights’ episode of Prison Break? Wentworth Miller has made me love Mondays. That is a miracle people. Tonight is the second to last episode until (hopefully) the end of January when 24 comes back which I’m excited about also. Thanksgiving is this week. There will be posts if I’m at home and awake but if not, I will definitely catch you all when I stop eating, drinking and being merry.

And now back to your regularly scheduled program…Don’t you WISH you were Bryce Dallas Howard in this pic? Lucky bitch…


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14 responses to “A few things…

  1. Anonymous

    Your site rocks! You have the sharpest wit on the web right now, and I should know – I’m visiting blogs ALL THE TIME. While Went claims he doesn’t “troll his fan sites,” I’m sure he secretly has yours bookmarked because what intelligent man wouldn’t love reading about intelligent women wanting to do dirty, dirty things to him? 😉 By the way, Went totally looks like the type who likes a lady in public and a whore in private – what do you think?

  2. soiled undies

    ” a lady in public and a whore in private” – that’s SO ME!

  3. Wet For Went

    You people are so sweet, I swear. You’d think I’d known you all all my life the way you treat me and I thank you sincerely. You’re not going to get a lot of seriousness out of me usually either. I blame this sentimentality on my period. /end sentiment

    I agree with you anon 3:48. He would have to meet someone he could take home to his mother but when they were alone, he’d want a freak or he’d get completely bored. It’s going to be some special lady that snags him! I will admit that I’m more of the all around whore, but my upbringing has allowed me to fake it if I must. Not that I would have to fake having class, I have some, but I am mostly known for saying whatever the hell comes to mind and livening things up and believe me, the less decorum I show while doing so, the more entertained my friends and family seem. Why the fuck am I talking without my usual excessive use of the word fuck? There, that’s better…If he reads, I hope he has a really good laugh and I hope he knows how completely serious I am about every single thing I say I will do to him. EVERY SINGLE THING…

    su, Now you know you are a mega-freak to the 100th power. You couldn’t conceal that shit if you tried. LOL It’s why I love you!

  4. Anonymous

    Keep keeping it real, WFW – that’s why we keep coming back (ha! pun SO intended).

    What’s the context of the photo with the pseudo-menage? Promo for an upcoming project?

  5. Wet For Went

    Thanks anon 4:30, will do! The pic is a scan from a magazine interview from Feb 05. Interview Here

    No upcoming projects of Wents’ that I know of unfortunately but you know when I know something you will too! He has said he wanted to play Zod in Superman so it would be cool if he ends up being in the sequel to the new franchise. I didn’t see the first one though b/c I heard conflicting reports and I’m not that big of a Superman fan but of course, as with Jake, you put their name on it and I will go and see it. Went could be sitting in a chair scratching his ass for 2 hours and I’d go watch.

  6. soiled undies

    I like being called a freak.

    Even when I was little I knew I was “special” from other kids cause I liked being different and I liked being called a freak which was weird back then. I was an individual and acknowledged the fact that I went against the norm.

    People are VERY surprised when they discover what a rabid slut I really am.

    I’ve got the sweet, innocent look down pat. I am geniunely a lady but I decided a long time ago that I would unleash the tiger/ dragon in the bedroom.
    Sex is THE most NB thing in a relationship/ marriage/ partnership.
    (And I know some of you will disagree with me but that’s only because you are probably lousy in bed & don’t wanna admit it)

    I like saying things that shock people seeing the disillusion on their faces when I reveal my true colours is just priceless. (While I do aim to shock most of it is natural and comes out thoughtlessly when I open my mouth)

    I’m not sure if I would want to meet his parents, I don’t even think I would want a long term relationship or even a short term one.
    A casual, mind-blowing fuck every now & then should hit the spot.

    I’m a commitment-phobic. I was put off relationships for life when I was 15 and my then demeted boyfriend of the week started babbling about our children and what the wardrobe in the house that he built would look like ! The Wardrobe! Needless to say I freaked and an ugly, public scene ensued ending with me stomping all over his heart and walking away laughing.

    Went in a chair scratching his ass for 2 hours – tempting but he’d also have to scratch a few other places to truely hold my attention. In fact, if he’s looking for something to scratch, I’ve got an ITCH!

    Yeah, forget what I said about being a lady, time to face the truth, I will take my rightful place along with you in the “all round whore” club.

  7. Anonymous

    WFW – Thx for the link. He’s incapable of making any interview sound dull, huh? Hollywood “hunks” take note!

    SU – Keep living the life. I was completely honest with my husband about who I was – I slept with him on our first date – and nine years and three kiddies later, we’re still hot and heavy. Probably more the latter than the former…lol. 😉 Anywhoo, you’re very intuitive to realize that Went as straight bf material may be down right scary in the long run…I mean, he’s a self-professed Double Stuff Oreo-eating, couch potato-sitting dork, which happens to be my perfect man. 😉 Nah, kudos to you on living life as YOU see fit.

    To all – here’s a thought. While Went may not “troll his fan sites,” I bet his sisters and friends do, and I bet they’re horrified at what they see…LOL! 🙂 It could explain why we rarely get any candid shots of him anywhere…they’ve pleaded with him to stay under lock and key…LOL.

  8. Wet For Went

    I said it’s going to be a lucky girl that snags him…I never said I wanted to be that girl, lol. su, you are my South African clone. I don’t do relationships either. I think I have too many male friends and see too many things to take guys seriously. I get what I need from them and that’s about it. The only true intimacy I have are with my friends and family. I don’t see myself getting married and I may not end up with any kids either. I never say never but I doubt it.

    anon 12:24, All of his interviews seem so easy. He just answers with his usual intelligence and wit and it comes across so elegantly. He’s just dreamy. He seems very comfortable in his skin and I see now why he always talks about confidence in a mate. I don’t think he would deal well with drama or an insecure significant other. Incidentally, you just shattered a married people stereotype. I am so happy for you that you are still getting some and that it is still good. You’re one of the lucky ones. I think we don’t see a lot of Went on the street b/c he detests being spied on and wants to maintain a sense of normalcy. This seems really important to him. I try not to think about stuff like that when I post candids b/c I’m not trying to get too close. I am playing my role as fan and I don’t want to get all touchy feely about fandom b/c then this blog will go straight to hell. If anyone who knows him does visit I’m sure they can tell that I just adore him and wish him the best.

  9. Anonymous

    Ah, so true…we should never take ourselves too seriously especially when we’re dreaming about Went. And yes, your devotion is quite healthy even as it is amusing. We should all be able to profess our admiration so eloquently. 🙂

    Yep, my man rocks. He even watches “Prison Break” with me and loves it! We groan over all the incredulous plot twists, and we laughed our asses off when Michael actually used the word “Papi.” This morning before my man left for work, he kissed me and I said – what else? – “Fly safe, Papi.” That’s why I just have to have that phrase on a t-shirt! 🙂

    Keep ’em coming, WFW – I now consider you the best provider of Went-related news. Thanks so much.

  10. soiled undies

    Anon 12:24: On the first date?! – You HO! lol Thanks for the kudos babe and as WFW said I’m really glad that you’re getting some. Enjoy!

    WFW: You MUST reproduce! It would be a major loss to the world if your wit, charm and creativity are not passed on…then again your kids could turn out as complete 180.s and be all moral and have scruples and – Argghhhh!

    I have a great idea my sister from another mister, why don’t the two of us get hitched?! Gay marriages are in the process of being legalized in SA.
    People tell me all the time that I have balls of steel, so all I need now is a penis!
    (Me with a penis! I’d never leave my room.)

    Scary thought isn’t? lol

    I don’t know if I’ll ever get married either. If I see the shit my friends have to eat with their respective partners – VERY offputting.

    Besides I don’t know who’d want me. I have certain …ideas. I want a stay at home husband.
    I’ll pop ’em out but he’ll have to raise ’em while I go to work and when I get home I expect a clean home, warm meal on the table, a foot massage followed by animal sex – everyone wins.

    I am so thankful you don’t stress about posting candids.
    I hate those irritating fan sites that refused to post paparazzi pics because they feel it’s an invasion of privacy. You just know that deep down they are the ones that want to know how many litres of urine their fave star produces per day. (and how to get their grubby lil hands on it.)

  11. Wet For Went

    su, keep flattering me and you WILL be my new wife. That’s right, someone has to be the man, and that would be me. That’s the dealbreaker hunny. She with the most testosterone wins…and if I had a penis, I would not be able to function. Most times, that’s the only reason I can even begin to understand a man’s utter stupidity when it comes to their manhood. I think of what I’d be like with one.

    Maybe once my biological clock starts ticking louder I might pull a Madonna, grab a hot, disease free, reasonably intelligent guy off the street and reproduce. I have a niece already who everyone claims is a little me. We’re very close, so that fulfills the need for now.

    I had an ex that did all those things you want in a hubby (sans kids of course) b/c he worked nights and on his days off that is what I enjoyed when I got home from work. Sometimes I miss being pampered, but when I think of the headaches that came with it, I say fuck that shit…

    Never fear, unless it’s like a pic of his family before he got into the biz, I will post any damn thing I find with his face on it. It’s my way of helping his career. Dammit, if anything, celebrities should thank people for drooling over pics of them doing absolutely nothing. It’s the nature of the beast. When no one is looking for you anymore, you’re done.

  12. Anonymous

    WFW,you are the absolute best! just when I thought I had seen every Wentworth picture out there, you post the one with Bryce Dallas Howard. are there any more where that one came from?

  13. soiled undies

    Okay Hon, you can wear the pants in the family….I prefer skirts anyway.

    Happy ( so belated, but I’m always delayed – sorry ) Thanksgiving!

  14. shortstuff

    DUDE! what is this picture from, why havent i seen it before and whose that other hot guy?

    btw awesome blog..i am guilty of lurking and not commenting 😛 Keep it up.

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