Wentworth Miller IS James Bond

Here is a lovely manip of Went as James Bond made by catsbycat over at The Church.

I can just see Went saying: “Bond, James Bond, and yes, I’m going to need you to remove your panties at once….It’s a matter of National Security…”

Bond Bond and more Bond! Here is an awesome video made by azzurra13 at The Church. Aren’t they a talented bunch? I give you Prison Break: Casino Royale. I would definitely give him pussy galore…I mean, I could play Pussy Galore…no, I’m pretty sure I meant the first one.


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8 responses to “Wentworth Miller IS James Bond

  1. Anonymous

    wow, that was cool, and I’m not even a fan of the Bond series, but hows this for irony on the PB dvd both Dom Purcell and Paul Schering said that Went for be a perfect James Bond but that ultimately he would not get picked because he is (in their words)too exotic meaning black

  2. Anonymous

    I’m a different anon, by the way…

    Went would be SO fab as James Bond! I don’t think his “exotic looks” would be an issue. Contrary to popular belief, Great Britain actually has TONS of exotic-looking citizens…I mean, London is as cosmopolitan as NYC these days.

    The big question is not Went’s “exotic look”…it’s “Can he deliver on the Queen’s English?” Without that skill, it’s just a pipe dream. He also may need to bulk up just a bit as Bond movies often require their hero to be shirtless if not strategically naked.

    One last thing, Aishwarya Rai should play his main Bond girl. She’s the only woman I know who could truly match Went’s beauty. What do you think?

  3. Wet For Went

    anon 12:46, Isn’t that video cool? I watched it 3 times in a row it was so tight.

    anon 10:06, yeah the accent is important so you’re right, he might not make the cut unless he’s good with accents. Aishwarya Rai is stunning but I don’t know if she says “Sex.” Bond girls have to be sexy. Eva Green is sexy (the bond girl actually in Casino Royale). I would have to vote for my girl Juliette Marquis for bond girl, she is sexy as hell, but then I just have a huge girl crush on her anyway so I may be biased. I was thinking about seeing Casino Royale now that I heard it was pretty good and of course b/c the trailer for Zodiac (Jake movie) is supposed to be played on the big screen for the first time before it. I may make a Thanksgiving weekend trip to the movies and I’m dying to see The Fountain. From the trailer, it looks really good.

  4. Anonymous

    WFW, you’re very brave to put forth Juliet Marquis as your pick for Went’s Bond girl. We may all lose him to her charms. Still, he did say that his ideal gf would not be an actress. But if she looks like that, c’mon!

  5. Wet For Went

    Isn’t she hot? I wish she’d act more dammit! I think Wents’ ideal depends less on looks and more on the type of person she is and how they relate to one another. He just doesn’t strike me as a superficial person. Not that he wouldn’t love to look at Juliette or even sleep with her shit, who wouldn’t! No one can trump the Monica Bellucci love though. That girl has sex written all over her. She is freaking perfection. She’d make a great Bond girl for him also. OK I can’t reisist a few more pics of Monica.

  6. Anonymous

    Girl you’ve got some damn talent.

  7. Wet For Went

    anon 9:12, I can’t take credit for the work…only for the good sense to repost it, but thank you anyway. I feel like I’ve done something.

  8. Anonymous

    Lets him to reach forty something, I guess that he will be if possible better tahn ever.

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