Wentworth Miller Related Blog Post Highlight

My latest pick for blog post highlight that I forgot to post yesterday is about a daydream this blogger has when she gets writers block. She used the pic below (It’s in my Imageshack) and I have extracted the relevant bits from her page since her writing is extremely cerebral in its verbiage; The mark of a highly educated young lady who is blogging the way she talks. In other words, no shits or fucks to speak of so knowing how all of you love those words so much, I’ll save you the trouble of clicking the link just this once because I feel your pain.

It’s at times like these when I find myself returning to my idle dalliance of choice: Wentworth Miller. But even my lurid fantasies of our reading to each other in bed as Went takes industrial strength Benadryl and Chester, Jude or Scratch snuggles next to his Nicorette patch can’t be sustained for long.

Ah a Went that could stand to be around my cat and doesn’t smell like cigarette smoke…Ideal. So beautiful in its simplicity. Yes, she is a writer alright. Except, she forgot to add the part where we lock eyes while in bed and decide to fuck each others brains out. That’s how MY fantasy ends…damn the books.


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5 responses to “Wentworth Miller Related Blog Post Highlight

  1. Karen

    Oh no… I didn’t forget to add it. I just decided to silently savor the mental image. 😉

    He does have a certain je ne sais quoi ’cause you just KNOW he’d be a fun and frisky one between the sheets … don’t ya think?

  2. Wet For Went

    Oh I know you were thinking it karen. You can’t look at Went and NOT think it. I bet he’s an animal. Good luck with your writing girl!

  3. soiled undies

    “damn the books”?! – tsk tsk WFW.

    Perhaps you’re just not reading the right kind of book? May I suggest the literary splendor that is the “Kama Sultra”. You and Went will never be bored when “reading” that instruction manual, oops I meant book!

    Hmmmm, I wonder what kind of animal Went would be? A tiger, a pussy cat, a wild dog? Oh the possibilities….

  4. Anonymous

    OK – I have a book for all of you cerebral, lusty types. It’s actually a series, and it starts with a novel called “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon. I’ve recommended it to all my female and male friends, and they LOVED it! I even convinced my man to read it with me in bed, and boy did he reap the benefits. 🙂 This book is right up Went’s – ahem – alley.

    For those interested, here’s Amazon’s editorial review:

    In Outlander, a 600-page time-travel romance, strong-willed and sensual Claire Randall leads a double life with a husband in one century, and a lover in another. Torn between fidelity and desire, she struggles to understand the pure intent of her heart. But don’t let the number of pages and the Scottish dialect scare you. It’s one of the fastest reads you’ll have in your library.

    While on her second honeymoon in the British Isles, Claire touches a boulder that hurls her back in time to the forbidden Castle Leoch with the MacKenzie clan. Not understanding the forces that brought her there, she becomes ensnared in life-threatening situations with a Scots warrior named James Fraser. But it isn’t all spies and drudgery that she must endure. For amid her new surroundings and the terrors she faces, she is lured into love and passion like she’s never known before.

    “I was lame and sore in every muscle when I woke next morning. I shuffled to the privy closet, then to the wash basin. My innards felt like churned butter. It felt as though I had been beaten with a blunt object, I reflected, then thought that that was very near the truth. The blunt object in question was visible as I came back to bed, looking now relatively harmless. Its possessor [Jamie] woke as I sat next to him, and examined me with something that looked very much like male smugness.”

    I know I’ve peaked your interest now. 😉

    I can actually see Jake playing the part of Jamie and Went playing the part of Roger Wakefield, who’ll you just have to read about in subsequent novels. 🙂

  5. Wet For Went

    su, so true. That book may actually be quite helpful in achieving my main goal in life, mounting Wentworth Miller.

    anon 12:07, I love fantasy and I love sex, so this book sounds interesting. I might check it out.

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