Aaaaaaand We’re Back!

After a holiday weekend break, I’m back. I guess I should have warned you about that. Next time I’ll remember to. I’m trying to catch up on the comments so I can post my favorite comments of the week but right this second, I’m watching Football and on Sundays, Ravens Football trumps all…oh and we’re up 17-zip at half-time and I am screaming, jumping and losing my voice all over my apartment in my Ray Lewis jersey. I wonder if Went likes Football…Anyone know? Tomorrow night we have the Fall Finale of Prison Break and the last two episodes have been damn good so I expect this last one (until January 29) to follow in their footsteps. It’s a lot of work for me to recap (with screencaps) and Wentcap and create sound clips and/or video clips all in one night so I will once again be stretching it out over the week or else I’m going to get fired for being late because I couldn’t crawl out of bed to make it to work on time. I will try my best after tomorrow to make our 7 week wait for more Prison Break more bearable. I’ve got some ideas I’m toying with. I’ll see how you like them. I’ll post more later. For now, I’ll leave you with some vintage Wentworth with what looks like a high-top fade, a la Kid of Kid-N-Play. He looks completely adorable and look at those eyes…


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9 responses to “Aaaaaaand We’re Back!

  1. Anonymous

    very nice picture!!!

    Killer eyes!!! #J15

  2. Meeshyyy

    *drool* Marry me Wentworth ❤

  3. Anonymous

    he’s like a hot Vanilla Ice ha ha ha !!!

  4. Anonymous

    Stunning! His mother must think she gave birth to an angel. Sigh…

  5. Anonymous

    WFW – Thanks again for getting us through this Monday with another fab pic!

    You deserved a break, so I’m glad you got to whoop it up over the weekend.

    My guess is that Went doesn’t watch football. He doesn’t seem like the type. The only sport I’ve heard him say he likes in interviews is swimming. Bet you could make him a football convert if you promised to do things to him while watching the games! 😉

  6. Anonymous

    Wentworth should play some of literature’s greatest heroes like Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice or Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights…not sure how he’d fare with an English accent or with mutton chops, but I’m willing to suspend my disbelief to see him play those parts. Of course, I think he would be a dashing 007 too.

  7. Anonymous

    laf, i totally agree. although i think after all that seriousness on prison break, id like to see him do some comedy. he was absolutely hilarious in popular.

  8. notthedoctor

    My Beloved!

  9. Wet For Went

    anon 6:25, he really does have the most beautiful eyes and in this pic they are like storm clouds. HE. IS. SO. HOT.

    hey mishaaa, you marry him, I’ll fuck him, everyone wins!

    anon 9:17, that was funny as hell. You just earned a spot on the favorite comments for next time. Sure you don’t have a name you want to use to celebrate your victory?

    anon 8:25, this is one of those Wentworth as an Angel pictures. At times he looks so completely innocent and harmless.

    anon 8:32, no problem! I didn’t think he watched but he could whip my ass at Scrabble and I could explain what off sides is. It could be like an exchange program, although I do have a thing for this word game that an IM buddy and I used to play where he’d give me a bunch of words that were all spelled similarly and some were even very close in their meanings and I’d have to write a story using the words. I was pretty good at that game.

    anon 8:42, I am suspect about the English accent but who knows. I like my English…English. Lovely accents those brits.

    anon 12:01, I am hoping for a comedy after Prison Break or a villain. That would make me happy.

    notthedoctor, as usual, you are very sweet my love.

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