Do You Hear That…Sound?

It’s the sound of my 100th post! But there is another, even louder sound I hear that makes me ache inside. It has a sort of echo to it:



It’s the sound of our voices bouncing off of Wentworth Miller’s back as he leaves us for Prison Break’s hiatus. *cries*

No more Weekly Went until the January 22, 2007 recap show catches us up on all of the Prison Break drama our holiday sweets induced comas will have made us forget about. New episodes don’t begin until the following week on January 29, 2006. Since we’ll all be spending the hours counting the minutes until Prison Break comes back, I decided to post a countdown clock both in this post and in the sidebar so we’ll always know how much longer it is until our precious man returns to us. So when you’re crying into your beer, at least you know when your misery will end. Have one for me and let’s all wail in misery together: Went…Worth…*wailing*

Countdown To Weekly Went


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5 responses to “Do You Hear That…Sound?

  1. The Gilded Moose

    congrats! I’m taking you out for ‘endless shrimp’ at the Lobster as soon as they take this collar off my ankle!

  2. Anonymous

    WFW – LOVE the clock! It will be like an eternity until The Pretty returns…*sniff* *sniff*

  3. Wet For Went

    Thanks Moose. As soon as you clean off your futon, I’ll fly right out to LA for endless shrimp.

    anon 8:22, I’m slowly dying inside. I don’t know what I’m going to do for 2 months without weekly Went. Oh the humanity!

  4. soiled undies

    Congrads Babe!

    This is a new experience for me, normally I see things that other people don’t but I am just not seeing that clock! Is it an invisible clock maybe? It’s probably just me right?

  5. Wet For Went

    playing ugly, I doubt it but a girl can dream.

    Thanks su and no it was not just you. Can you see it now? In the sidebar? The creator sent me new code: Thanks Otto! It should show up now!

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