High Fashion with Wentworth Miller

Wentworth Earl Miller III. *shaking head* Went Worth Miller. *puzzled look* Where did you get this jacket and why on earth did you put it on your body? *sigh* There are so many things I could say right now, not the least of which is, what in the hell goes through your mind when you do these things? You knew you were going to an event Went. Dammit there is a FOX backdrop behind you. Were you trying to match the scenery or something? I’m going to need an explanation for this. I don’t know how many times I can keep making excuses for you. Your hotness could give the world radiation poisoning…stop fucking shading it with these god damn fashion decisions from the planet WTF or else one of these days I’m going to disown you….r clothes. Then I guess you’ll have to walk around naked. How would you like that, huh? Hmmm. On second thought, I think I’ll disown your clothes right now.

There. That’s better. Carry On.


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9 responses to “High Fashion with Wentworth Miller

  1. Anonymous

    WFW – Classic and I agree, he’s somewhat fashion challenged – thank God, his face redeems all grievances.

    Oh what a belly button – it looks so deep and round. The better to pluck chocolate-covered cherries from. Yum…

  2. Linds

    Like I said before, Wentworth Miller…what will it take?!?!?! Cool it with the brown goddammit!

  3. Patty

    Have you found any pictures from the FOX party on 11/22? I haven’t even seen anything to confirm there WAS a party….

  4. Wet For Went

    anon 9:37, Thank you for calling attention to that belly button. It’s beautiful. What on him ISN’T beautiful?

    LOL @ linds

    No patty, things seem to be quiet on that front. I haven’t uncovered any evidence anywhere of a party nor any pics to go with it, unfortunately.

  5. Anonymous

    he looks like a peanut butter cup..

  6. Wet For Went

    LOL CocoB, I like that observation.

  7. notthedoctor

    I think my dad has the same jacket, the same color too… sigh… Went is still so pretty with it!
    I wish i were that towel!

  8. Anonymous

    Here’s another doozie of a fashion choice: http://www.socialitelife.com/pictures/wm050206_03.php

    In a way, it’s actually refreshing to know that he’s obviously still “green” enough to pick out his own “ensembles.” He strikes me as the type to consider clothes a necessary evil…LOL. He should become a nudist.

  9. Hi WENT ! You are so HOT with these clothes .
    You are pretty with black.

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