Wentworth Miller Animation

Chris J sent me this great link to Hikki’s really cool Wentworth Miller animated gifs of him doing various things that were right up my alley…Such as: Swimming in his boxers, tucking his shirt in his pants, riding in the car with that eyes closed and head back come fuck me look he does so well, walking around in a towel…etc. They are all of Went and there are like 20 (maybe more, I didn’t actually count)! I posted my favorites here but there are lots more. Go check them out. Thanks Chris!

UPDATE: Keena called my attention to the fanfic that is also located at the link if you click on Prison Break and while I don’t have time to read it right this second because I’m still at work, she says it’s hot!


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9 responses to “Wentworth Miller Animation

  1. Anonymous

    Thanks, WFW. Thanks to you, I spit-sprayed out the water I was drinking when I scrolled down to see these HYSTERICAL images. I had to explain to the schmuck in the next cubicle that I had just suffered from an unruly sneeze. I don’t know which image I love more – Went playing with himself or Went rocking about. They’re so obscene – I LOVE them! Thanks Chris J for sharing!

  2. Linds

    ok animation #3 – All I can imagine is Went priming for the thrust!

  3. keena

    That Hikki writes some damn hot stuff too !! Check out the Sarah about Went fantasy !

  4. Anonymous

    i think i just lost 2hrs staring at the 2nd clip…fantastic…never thought shirt tucking could be so damn sexy.

  5. Wet For Went

    They made me chuckle too anon 10:57…at first…and then I looked closer and I started losing time like cocob. I looked up and it was significantly later than when I started watching the Went tucking in pants loop. That is my very favorite one now having watched them all over and over way longer than I should have.

    Oh linds, that right there, is why I love you. Exactly!

    Thanks for the heads up keena, my favorite person in the whole wide world. I’m winking right now, you just can’t see me. lol.

  6. Anonymous

    Oh.My.God! I received an email from someone asking me something and telling me you posted my animated pics here. LOL should I be embarrassed now? They were actually for personal use and my friend uploaded my animations to her fanfiction site. So just to let you know, I’m not the owner of the site and I didn’t write the fics. But thanks for promoting the site! And I’m happy to hear you all liked it.


  7. keena

    Wrong credits, sorry ! But still : I love the pics, and I love the fics ! Great Stuff.

  8. Wet For Went

    Hikki! You found us! Of course you shouldn’t be embarrassed; You should be proud. Thanks for making them and Keena, my love, no need to apologize.

  9. Anonymous

    LOL yeah someone emailed me about it. Hmm I wonder if Chris is the same Chris I know…will ask her when I see her…

    Thank you for the kind words. Pls check out the fics my friend has written, those are hot!

    And indeed Keena, no need to apologize 😉


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