Wentworth Miller Related Blog Post Highlight

The title of my latest pick is I Have a Seriously Dirty Crush on Wentworth Miller…That in and of itself just BEGGED me to read it. My favorite bit:

I don’t really care what Mr. Miller is like in real life at all. BECAUSE IT DOESN’T FRACKING MATTER!!! No, really it doesn’t! I am not pining to try and meet the guy and make him fall desperately in love with me

Use of the word FRACK is humorous because despite the fact that I do not watch Battlestar Galactica, I still know what it means and I can’t quite remember how that info made its way into my brain. A person in Wentlust that doesn’t want to absorb every single piece of Went info available everywhere on the planet? BLASPHEMY! And while I think that said blogger was secretly trying to kill me with the black background and red type, as well as the fact that she expressed that she wouldn’t even watch Prison Break if it weren’t for Wentworth Miller (I happen to like Prison Break), her declaration of him being the most beautiful man she’s ever seen saved it.


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6 responses to “Wentworth Miller Related Blog Post Highlight

  1. Anonymous

    I consider you THE best source of Went news and general trivia on the Web – she’s just fronting. πŸ™‚ Besides one just can’t have a passing fancy for Went – it’s chemically impossible. Once a person’s eyes have locked into his “Blue Steel,” it’s all over. Even “Brown Sugar” or his other questionable clothing choices couldn’t make one waver from utter devotion.

  2. Wet For Went

    anon 11:27, You’re too kind. You have a point. It should be utter, unwavering, undying, obsessive devotion or none at all!

  3. Serena

    Hi there, this is Serena, author of the “I have a seriously dirty crush on Wentworth Miller” entry, which was mistakenly deleted recently after my attempt to change that murderous red font on blackground. But just as well…I can see that my entry somehow gave the impression that I was trying to compete with the one of the biggest Wentworth fans ever, but I really wasn’t trying to do that at all. I was at a loss at what to write about, so I just thought, why not confess my dirty little crush? Aaaanyway, you really can’t get much better than this Wentworth Site, and I will visit often to indulge myself in some serious sexiness! And Prison break IS a great show, and I do enjoy watching it. I guess I should have said that the first reason I started to watch it was because I happened to come across it one day and there he was…and I was hooked on both him as well as the the great story.
    Sorry if my horrible red font on black background looked so threatening. I can assure you I had no intentions of doing that. I was just trying to get creative, but I failed miserably. Bye for now!

  4. Wet For Went

    Oh Serena don’t apologize! The post was amusing and now I wish I posted the entire thing so you could have recovered it! Most of what I say is total and complete bullshit or rather laced with sarcasm or just plain satire so really, don’t take most things I say seriously, lol. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Serena

    Sarcasm, satire and bullshit are all things that I love, cherish and admire, and have definetely played around with in some of my past entries. I guess sometimes it isn’t easy to detect on the internet of course especially when you don’t know a person well.
    I may try and re-create what I had written in that entry, but I have already wasted enough time at work today and I am unbelievably behind and I am worried that people are going to start noticing I have been slacking off all day.
    And now for my feeble attempt to get Wentworth off my brain and try and get some work done…but…it’s…just…..so……h…ar…d…. πŸ™‚

  6. soiled undies

    Well Serena, I do want to meet him but not make him fall desperately in love with me just turn him into my bitch and willing, love slave.

    That’s reasonable don’t ya think?

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