The Top Three Things You Really Want to Know about Wentworth Miller

Because you just won’t stop Googling it, here are the top three things you really want to know about Wentworth Miller. Unfortunately, I don’t know how many inches it is (I know that was your number one question), but I will share what I do know and what I don’t.

1. Does Wentworth Miller Smoke?

Yes. We have Mink from The Church to thank for this cropping job. Thanks Mink!

What is that in his hand? Why it’s a cigarette! What he is doing with his other hand however I DON’T know and for some reason, I am much more interested in that other hand as well as the lucky bastard that happens to be eye level with the royal penis. I wonder if they are looking for a fluffer because I am available…But we were talking about smoking. Yeah, he’s a smoker.

2. Is Wentworth Miller Gay?

Well Yes AND No. OK, I really have no idea but yes the following pic IS Fanart. See, I answered something!

According to NNDB (and I don’t remember this being there before), his sexual orientation is now a matter of dispute…Hmmm, I wonder when that happened? Official answer is: I don’t know. I don’t have a preference either. I am not (currently) engaging in any sexual activity with the man so it makes no difference to me where he puts his peen, although ideally it would be in me…OK so I could have left that last part out but the opportunity to use the word peen does not come along often and peen is a really funny word.

UPDATE: The answer is No.

3. Does Wentworth Miller have a girlfriend?

He says he is single so the answer to this one would be no. His date to the Emmy’s was friend (and actress), Mariana Klaveno.

Honorable mention goes to those that want to hear him sing and those that want to know if there is something going on with him and Sarah Wayne Callies. For Went singing with The Princeton Tigertones go here and Sarah is married so that would be a no.

There. Now we can all sleep at night.


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24 responses to “The Top Three Things You Really Want to Know about Wentworth Miller

  1. Wet For Went

    OK that’ll teach me to continue clicking when Blogger is giving me problems. There was a comment in here and now it’s gone. I’m going to repost it now b/c I still have it in my email:

    One more quick thing, I’m no art critic, but Went’s hand looks way too chubby to be his – after all, he has long, sexy tapered fingers. His profile and tat, however, is spot on. And SWC, man, it looks just like her – lucky bitch – how can she NOT have a thing for Went?

    Posted by Anonymous on 11/30/2006 at 01:01:24 PM

    The first pic may be Fanart like the second actually and I can’t tell who that is down there, I just wish it was me.

  2. keena

    I wouldn’t mind to try and grow a moustache, if this had to be !

  3. Anonymous

    personally I do believe the rumors cause there are too many and there everywhere but I have seen photos of his ex girlfriend and have heard him talk about women and female crushes and have heard rumors of him with various women plus descriptions of these women and all plus I’ve heard him talking about having a crush on Angie Harmon ,wanting to meet Jessica Alba ,and him saying that he found Nicole Ari Parker distractingly breautiful and anyone who’s seen any interviews he’s done with Sarah Wayne Callies can tell that they are attracted to each other and I heard him say that he wants to get married oneday and have kids so inconclusion I think he’s bisexual and the woman he marries will either have to be totally clueless or very OPEN

  4. ammyy

    do you know where to find the video of “the hour”… i only found that pic

  5. Mink

    WFW, you are quite welcome with regard to the cropped ‘Smoking’ pic, which I have to say really is ‘smoking’ in every sense of the word. I mean seriously, is it possible for a human being to look hotter? I would argue: No.

    And to ‘anonymous’ above, I would be so happy to be ‘OPEN’ for Went, it is not even a little bit funny. Some people just deserve to have whomever they want, however they want, whenever they want. And he would be one of those people. To even get on the list for 5 minutes would be Heaven!

  6. Wet For Went

    I know that’s right Keena, lol!

    anon 2:46, Bi is just fine. That means I still have chance!

    ammyy, It’s not available online but the Chuchies are working on it.

    Mink,That smirk is dangerous and just looks like he’s up to no good. Looks like that are the reason I think there’s a bad boy in there somewhere. And I’d be OPEN too, you better believe it! 5 minutes with him and we’d probably all be set for life, lol.

  7. Patty

    PEEN! You crack my fat ass up! I totally agree! Funniest work ever!

  8. Patty

    Oh, and the gay thing? Who the fuck cares? I think he is celebate. Until he is tied to my bed, that is!

  9. Fanboy

    WFW: Great job on the post. You did a great job of being funny and wordsmithing in such a way that kept me wanting to read. I know that’s a completely clinical sounding comment, but the point is you’re doing good girl!

  10. Stacy

    WFW, thanks for making me laugh. I’m taking a much needed study break and Smoking Hot Went and peen in the same post makes me think dirty, dirty thoughts.

  11. notthedoctor

    “The Top Three Things” i really wanted to know!!! HAHA! How did you know???
    Love the pics love the commentaries, especially “peen”!! i think this word is a winner!

  12. Anonymous

    Hey that’s some funny stuff, but my heart sank just a little when I saw the word “dispute”.

    I had my doubts ….but it’s better this way cause it’s still vague and I can include him in my dreams.

    Thanks so much for making us laugh though….I’m now your fan WetforWent. # jailbird

  13. Anonymous

    Here’s further proof (albeit non-pictorial) that Went smokes:

    Dominic Purcell from Prison Break almost missed his big moment at last week’s People’s Choice awards — he and co-star Wentworth Miller were having a smoke backstage — but has vowed they “won’t make that mistake again.” Any thoughts on when he and his brother will get out of prison? “Probably 2020, or depends on the ratings.” — W.K.


  14. Anonymous

    a lot of actors smoke on purpose because it gives them that raspy voice…..still I find smoking a stinky thing!!

  15. soiled undies

    I am totally against smoking but the thought of Went taking a drag on a fag (I just had to use fag)after some incredibly, great sex with me and then stumping his ciggies out on my arm (or any part of my body) is just so appealing…

    WFW: Peen on.

  16. Anonymous

    peen on!?!?!??! LMFAO

  17. Wet For Went

    You make me laugh too Patty!

    Fanboy, that compliment coming from you is special. *blushing*

    No problem Stace. Yes, even though it’s just as many letters to type I have decided to call you Stace now.

    anon 10:58, yeah I’ve seen that blurb too.

    anon 11:28, I’m not really a smoking fan either but Went gets a pass on that one.

    su, let me find out you’re into pain too and peen on was funny, lol.

  18. soiled undies

    WFW: You’ll find out there is probably NOTHING I’m not into!

    Pain can be good. Whenever I tweeze my eyebrows of course it hurts but there’s a sort of pleasure in the pain – that was a bad example let me give you a better one.

    When I have a Brazillian/ Bikini wax I know it’s gonna hurt like hell but pleasure will surely be soon to follow!

    Glad you likey “Peen on”. I am here for your amusement. I’ll be your little monkey and dance to your tune my sexy puppetmistress!

  19. babe1973

    Yes I knew that he smokes. When they were in France this summer, the interviewer asked if he would sing again. This was his answer: “No. There have been too many years without practice and too many cigarettes. I will not be releasing a Christmas CD”(laughs).
    I think he didn’t mind to talk about it in France because smoking is not a big deal there.

  20. Wentworth miller is 1 and only guy and actor that i have met that is so cute, hot, sexy and smart even if he is gay i will always be in LOVE with him (4 Ever)

  21. Jan

    Well, now I know I won’t have a chance with him, but hey, a girl can dream. He’s still super sexy!!
    At least there will not be a Mrs. Wentworth miller XD

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