Woosah…It’s MiSa!

Sound the alarm! MiSa has entered the building. You MiSa freaks are nuts but this drawing is beautiful…



Filed under Fan Art, MiSa

4 responses to “Woosah…It’s MiSa!

  1. Anonymous

    that is a beautiful picture but those MiSa people are crazy personally I thought he should have gotten with his wife Nikka she was hot and Sara, no offense shes pretty but you know she would not be able to put it down like Nikka in the bedroom

  2. amyy

    best season 2 recap ever check it

  3. notthedoctor

    it’s a beautiful drawing. i love the detail of Michael’s tatoo. great work whoever did it.

  4. Anonymous

    you’re SO right amyy!!!!!!!!!! brilliant vid…hanging for the second season to actually start here in ancient Oz!

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