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Happy New Year!

Went has left the land of Kangaroos and Boobs and should be safely back in the land of Plastic People. I for one am depressed at the prospect of no more daily Went updates, no more fans to hate on, and no more excitement. *sigh* So I’m going to drink myself into a stupor this weekend and I won’t be posting (unless something exciting happens). That makes this the last time we’ll “see” each other until 2007. While I’m away, feel free to chat it up in the chat box amongst yourselves (I might pop in) AND what could prove to be REALLY fun if you actually do it, leave Wentworth Miller a Happy New Year voicemail message, preferably drunk, but sober works too. If you’d like to leave one, go on over to my ImageShack profile and talk away. If for some reason it doesn’t work in your browser then that means you must not be using Firefox. Download fucking Firefox and you won’t have those problems. I’m not going to tell you that again. I’ve tried out the leave a message feature and it works fine. You can delete the message and start again if you screw up and you can also play it back so you can hear what it sounds like before you send it. Make sure you say who you are and where you’re from in the message somewhere or if you want to remain anonymous, you can do that too. Maybe I’ll even do one. I will listen to them and post some, if not all of them, next week. We can send our love out into cyberspace and maybe it will find its way to Went.

Oh and Went, You know what would really make a girl happy? A voicemail from you. I didn’t get anything from you for Christmas so consider this my belated present.

Happy New Year Wentworth, you beautiful man and Happy New Year to all of you! See you in 2007!

Awww Stacy! Now I feel better. This makes 2 of Stacy’s pics on this post! Thank you! *sniff*


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Favorite Comment(s) of the Week

This is the last Favorite Comments post of 2006 and with 5 Went fan pics in a week, you people did it up, yet again.

Krissie said…

Hey, photoshopping people, get this: WENTWORTH MILLER DOES NOT NEED YOUR “HELP”!!!!!!!!

I couldn’t have said it better myself.


mink said…

I’m actually kinda nervous about this, WFW. I mean, I know it’s a bit ‘shopped’ ‘n’ all, but still…this pic is fucking smoking hot! The cause of my nervousness is this: they usually display these posters by the sides of busy roads and next to the platforms of underground trains right by the rails. I have to be honest and say that the chances of me veering into oncoming traffic or finding myself under the wheels of a tube train due to unavoidable Went-gawking followed by inevitable Wentgasm are not slim. Still, it was nice knowing you, WFW. Remember me (and my all-consuming Wentcession) fondly.

I will miss you when you die in a horrible fiery crash or with your guts splattered all over the tracks due to Went’s ridiculous hotness! I’ll do a tribute post to you and everything…

Karen said…

Oh… my…

Thank you soooo much for making these last twelve days go out with a bang! 😉

Have a very Merry Chrismahannukwanzastice!

LOL. Man the Holidays came and went REALLY fast. I didn’t want Wentmas to end…


Anonymous said…

Okay, WFW, that was the most hilarious song ever(or maybe you should count Tenacious D in that too!)!!
You do have a great voice(fuck it!what don’t you have?You have writing skills, humor, great voice, … should I continue?) even when you don’t try!!It gave me goosebumps listenin’ to it(and not because of Went!)!!

Love you, and your crazy ideas, and the fact you’re so giving to share with us!!(I am now oficially addicted to this blog!)


Thanks jailbait.

Karen said…

Dear Went,

Have a wonderful time in Australia with your sister and her way-too-lucky mates.

But please be careful and don’t do anything silly like taunt a cassowary, trip over a taipan or bleed near a white shark.

Oh, and remember, Foster’s is not Australian for beer (try VB instead).

Lookin’ forward to seeing you on January 22nd,

Karen, being the smart girl she is, is one of what, 2 people that followed the directions on that post? You were supposed to send Holiday wishes to Went. *shaking head* Not only was this cute but Karen gets a gold star…the rest of you get detention.


notthedoctor said…

there is no word to discribe what this Went-card is doing to me and my nether region 🙂

and those Do-no-good David b. worshippers!!!! i’m calling cheat!

Yeah that card is nice isn’t it? Those Churchies I tell you. And I use any opportunity it seems to tell you all to go vote b/c for some reason that is unknown to me, I am obsessed with Went winning. OBSESSED! So vote and vote and vote and vote. Thank You.

LN said…

WFW, you are unbelievable… with Xmas and all I didn’t think you would be posting. But I checked just in case – yeah I needed my daily dose of Wentworth-related craziness – and there it was…

He looks even hotter than before… is THIS possible???? I shall call him The Hottness

When I don’t post, I get wake up emails and messages so I really have no choice and yes he is THE HOTNESS.


Inspector said…

Krissie: you sound like a sick, twisted, but totally cool bitch..I like it..a lot

WFW: same


Ahh but not as sick and twisted as you or Krissie it seems (at least not all over the comments section, LOL) b/c this is followed by EIGHT of these:

Comment Deleted

This post has been removed by the blog administrator.

But thanks to that incident we now have the new chat box. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

babe1973 said…

What a cutie….But I though it was summer is Australia??? Why is he wearing a jacket? That girl is so fucking lucky. I hate her.With love. Lol.

Yes we must always hate with love. You ARE paying attention.


Stacy said…

Ooops. PS: I hate you Starbucks girl. You have replaced Cake Woman.


Anonymous said…

It’s the middle of Summer in Australia, so what the hell’s the matter with Went he keep wearing a his winter outfit. I think he’s lying…..he’s hiding in Montana or somewhere in the States. OR just wants to draw attention to himself and the 1 outfit he packed in his backpack.


12/26/2006 8:48 AM

You really should change your name to Fashion Anon. LOL


Anonymous said…

I hope he’s having a blast…from that glazed over look on his face, I bet he is! 🙂

Smiley face girl – you have EVERY reason to smile from ear to ear, er wait, you don’t have ears. 🙂

12/26/2006 8:49 AM

Way to play along there Anon. Very cute.

buttercup said…

*tears welling*’s heaven in tweed.



notthedoctor said…

Oh yeah, i love the first one! what he does with his fingers and the LOOK in his eyes that shouts naughty things!
and the second is good too i love it when he puts his hands in his pockets, sooo classy, always a winning pose!
oh and the third, we can see him from heary head to shoed toes!
i think i’m gonna faint, too much Went increases my lust pressure, i’m gonna burst into flames!!!

know the expression “to be overcome with admiration”?
well i’m overCOME all right!!



Belgian said…

Help. Me. Please.

to which anon 2:33 replied

Anonymous said…

we can not help you belgian. we’re in this shit together.

12/27/2006 2:33 PM

This one doesn’t even need a comment. Nicely done.


soiled undies said…

*sigh* This man is so BEYOND perfect there are just no words anymore. (Never was really)

He is SO CUTE!

I wanna melt some sugar in a non-stick pan (Bauer) and pour it all over him – turn him into a toffee apple.

Better yet, just dip him in a vat of chocolate or something – candyfy him.

In that first pic he’s PLAYING with his belt buckle! Someone’s said it before and I agree, he is SUCH a fucking TEASE!
Just take it off already! Take it all off!

LOL, candyfy and yes Went, TAKE. IT. ALL. OFF.

Anonymous said…

WFW -))))))))))))))

I’ve been waiting for those comments for ages -)))))))))))))

from now on you are forbidden to go to sleep !!

love ya

12/27/2006 9:30 AM

I know. I will never sleep again.


dawn said…

WFW, it does look like they are all over him. Trying to be all cool about him, but yep, that lean in…just imagine them breathing in his scent, hearing his low, beautiful voice…touching him!!! Im usually a person who’s all ‘good for you’ and that, but Im starting to get kind of over that when it comes to Wenty. I’m learning how to be jealous, and it isn’t hard, lol.

dawn, seriously, are you trying to kill me?


soiled undies said…

Nevermind those lucky bitches!, what ya’ll should be concentrating on is THAT SPACE BETWEEN HIS LEGS!

*SO sexy I’m melting*

That’s where I wanna put my hand….before sliding it up and grabbing his…

Yes, yes, yes!

Anonymous said…

HAAAHAAAAHAAAA, LMAO WFW!!!!! I just loved this post:D blowing up Australia things… Boob-leans… Insert ass here:D:D:D I’m just going to read it again, take a breath and comment again!:D (you’re genius girl)

12/27/2006 11:13 AM

LOL, yeah this is definitely on my favorite posts list.


soiled undies said…

He should come to Africa. Here the women don’t even wear tops. Bare breasted is the way we like to roll.




The Gilded Moose said…

you have a lot of anger issues… you should shun this negativity and turn you blog into a beacon of POSITIVITY like mine…

(AHHHHHHHHH…. oh god, that was even hard to type with a straight face. Just kidding… i want pictures of you burning those aussie sluts at the stake.. show them how we treat witches here in America!)

Australia. Must. Go.

AND Boxergirl rubs it in…

Boxergirl said…

LMAO at all of you – please don’t blow us up – we have skills to share…mwahahahaha

‘Boob lean’ – LMFAO WFW…

If ya got em,flaunt em baby!! ROFL

*evil stare* LOL

Anonymous said…

i think the story about the 11 yr. old is sweet too. my 4.5 yr. old boy and 2.5 yr. old girl know who went is because mommy and daddy lost this past weekend to the season one dvd. 🙂 my daughter even thinks went is handsome and says so often…we found her kissing the tv screen when we had an episode on pause for a snack break. like mother, like daughter, i guess! 😉 LOL! i wish i would’ve had a camera just then. 🙂

12/28/2006 8:59 AM


mbnd said…

the only person missing in that photo is me… sitting on top of him face to face with my legs wrapped tightly around him.
one can only wish.
damn it bg’s u 2 are 2 very lucky gals but we love u anyway.
*deep breath*



The Gilded Moose said…

You should be encouraged… he obviously likes black box.

[im sorry. Im so so sorry]



lita said…

Everyone seems to love Went in person. Ah I guess he must be as perfect as everyone says he is.

The man is dreamy…

As always everyone, Thanks for your comments!


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Wet For Went as a Fanfic Character

Today I have a special treat. Thanks to Stacy for the heads up on this. What would this blog be without drama? This week anyway…

Apparently WFW the blog and the person has been included in a Fanfic story. I only have one question: Where’s my cut? A snippet:

PAUL: Good morning, angels. Haha! I fucking love saying that. Wazzup, bitches?

MATT: Oh, good morning Mr. Scheuring. We’re working on the script, sir.

PAUL: Yeah? Raaaaaaad! I wanna join in!

MATT: Um, very well, sir. The title of the next episode is going to be Manhunt.

PAUL: That’s dope! The bomb! So original! Like!

SHARON: Whoever made that site stole the handle of the official Prison Break forums’ wetforwent, who, coincidentally, happens to be the author of this story. Her only request is that she is not associated with that stalker site or mistaken for the person who created that site. Ever.

PAUL: Whatever!

SHARON: How would YOU feel if somebody stole your idea–or identity, and went mainstream with it!?

PAUL: I never get any good ideas, which is fine by me! I’m too hot for good ideas, anyway. I’ve been spending my days lounging about and collecting Harajuku groupies.

SHARON: It’s like, how Colombian Coke gets all the hype and attention when it’s really Peruvian Coke that’s the shit. Do you understand!?

PAUL: I don’t get it! I only like X and all the other gay drugs out there, like Clonazepam. But like I said, whatever! You guys are such creative geniuses! If you were born around the same time Einstein was—which was what, circa 1600’s in Italy, he probably wouldn’t have gained as much recognition because there would’ve been such tough competition! And I rhymed! That must make me a creative genius, too! Weeeeeeeee! I knew it was the bestest decision to hire you guys! LOVE YOU!

At this time I would like to share what probably isn’t common knowledge and that is that the username wetforwent existed before I used it…Of course, this was not something I was aware of until after this blog had been in existence for over a month and by then what was I going to do change it? Hell no. I thought up the name on my own and just because I wasn’t the first doesn’t mean I didn’t work the shit out of it. I stole nothing. Also, I like to think of myself as more of a cyber-stalker. In the words of Forest Gump “And that’s all I need to say about that.” Oh and the story was adequitely funny.

Click here for the entire Behind The Scenes Fanfic by Merrizzizzle AKA the other wetforwent.

In other blog related news, Wet For Went made the Top Ten Sources for Prison Break again, TWICE and one of highlights was of The 12 Days of Wentmas…Priceless…


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