Favorite Blog Comment(s) of the Week

Anonymous said…

he’s like a hot Vanilla Ice ha ha ha !!!

11/26/2006 9:17 PM

LOL, hilarious.

Pomegranate said…

Dude, how much is Michael gonna FREAK OUT when he finds out what Kellerman did to Sara. I love freak-out-mode Michael.

Oh I’m sure quite a lot of freaking out is going to be going on. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Michael goes all T-bag on Kellerman in his white hot rage.

CocoB said…

he looks like a peanut butter cup..

That is so completely cute!

Fanboy said…

Have you started stalking him yet? I am sure he lives out here on the Left Coast. I bet you could use mine or The Gilded Moose‘s place as a base while you follow him around. Best case scenario, you get to meet him in court when the restraining order is contested.

You’re on. Went and I in a courthouse at the same time MUST mean that we’re getting married!…yeah, married…*hugging myself and rocking back and forth*

notthedoctor said…

“The Top Three Things” i really wanted to know!!! HAHA! How did you know???
Love the pics love the commentaries, especially “peen”!! i think this word is a winner!

Why thank you and I read minds in my spare time.


Anonymous said…

Hey that’s some funny stuff, but my heart sank just a little when I saw the word “dispute”.

I had my doubts ….but it’s better this way cause it’s still vague and I can include him in my dreams.

Thanks so much for making us laugh though….I’m now your fan WetforWent. # jailbird

12/01/2006 9:28 AM

Oh don’t let anything affect your Went dreams. I know I don’t! Thanks for the compliment. It’s give and take. You love me, and I in turn, am loved by you…I really do watch The Simpsons WAY too much.

As always, thanks everyone for your lovely comments (eventhough I have not gotten through them all this week b/c of work but I will get to it this weekend)!


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5 responses to “Favorite Blog Comment(s) of the Week

  1. Pomegranate

    Freak out, go “T-bag”, go apoplectic with rage. Doesn’t matter to me–it’s all hot.


  2. notthedoctor

    Awww WfW it’s so sweet of you to put my comment on your favorite list, you are the sweetest most lovable person and it shows when you talk about your niece, she’s a lucky munchkin to have an aunt like you. you’re lucky to have her too!!!!

  3. Wet For Went

    Pomegranate, freak out Michael is very hot.

    I was out with my niece yesterday and one of the things she picked up for me to buy (yeah I spoil her) was some Reese’s peanut butter cups. When we got in the car she told me I could have one. I savored it and thought of Went and strangely cocob, my little buttercup, you. Where I come from, we call them Reesie Cups. She exclaimed “Mmmm, (then she smelled it) Reesie cups…so good.” Then she bit into and said with a mouthful, “I love Reesie cups…”

  4. Fanboy

    That’s right. Marriage. Good news: you get married in CA and don’t f-up the marriage yourself, you get 50% if it goes sour. As long as you don’t sign a pre-nup, right K-Fed, who is now proven to be dumber that we all thought.

  5. Wet For Went

    Ah Fed-ex, poor bastard. He’s going to be left with nothing. I’m not in it for the posessions though, I’m in it for the LOVE, lol.

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