Oh Wentworth Miller What You Do To Me

Because on the outside I’m a sarcastic whore but on the inside I’m a “big puddle of goo,” here is something I said in my mostly (except for when posting) serious mood I was in yesterday. And yeah I’m posting this because I don’t have anything else for you right now. The Ravens’ loss last night ripped a tear in the Space-Time Continuum and thanks to that, I just got to work 30 minutes ago and I have to do a little something before I start goofing off. Oh and please, let’s keep this a secret just between us because Goddess forbid anyone find out how smitten I really am with Went and this posting could REALLY threaten my reputation as a bitch and you know how important that is to a girl.

DOUBLE sigh. This man, that I do not know personally, and who’s public persona and interviews, the views of those who know him, and outward appearance is all I have to go on, gives me butterflies in my stomach like nothing I have ever known. If I ever did see him, before I got the nerve to even express my admiration, I would have one hell of a tummy ache and some serious nausea before I could I pull myself together. His aura is captivating. There really is something special about him. He’s not just this really hot actor; He seems like a genuinely likable and charming person even if he thinks he is a dork. He is mesmerizing. I make a lot of jokes about my feelings for him but I am truly in awe of him. There are no words for how deep my affection for this man goes and that is both exhilarating and slightly crazy, lol.

And there you have it. I’m in love with the man. Whoever is doing his PR, the package you are selling me, I am definitely buying. If it’s not a package and it is in fact, the real him, then all I have to say is…Triple sigh. Feel free to gush in the comments and act like you have otherwise lost your mind regarding Wentworth’s all around “magnificence” while I go do some work. Later y’all.


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20 responses to “Oh Wentworth Miller What You Do To Me

  1. Anonymous

    eewwhh!….your infautation is so cute. I hope he gets to see all the hard work you put in on this blog and the happiness you spread to all his fans. who now have become your fans WFW….your just amazing, and diservedly admired too!!

    WFW…thanks for sharing your unique sense of humour. #jailbird

  2. Anonymous

    This isn’t news to us, we all knew that you are in love with Went. C’mon, this whole site is a testament to your true feelings. 🙂 What I love about what you’ve done here is that while it’s full of unabashed devotion for everything Went-related, it also includes entertaining and humorous quips about him being, well, human. While his public persona nearly always seems serious, I’m sure he has a sarcastic side that would really appreciate what you’ve done here. And if by chance he really does take himself too seriously, which I doubt because of his wardrobe choices…lol…then he needs to peruse these pages and develop a sense of humor. Great work, WFW…keep it coming!

  3. Linds

    WFW…I get it. I feel the exact same way – WEntworth Miller is mesmerizing. His hotness is totally ratcheted up a notch by the fact that we never see him in the tabloids blowing coke or getting caught with hookers, or barfing on paparazzi after a rough night at the bar. It’s disappointing that we don’t get a lot of candids of him, but I love him so much more for being what seems like an all-around good guy. And it’s so sad that he seems to be the minority.

  4. mélie

    that’s the cutest thing I did read in a while.
    (you could have heard the “awwww” when I was reading it haha)

  5. Anonymous

    Melie: I must say, when I first read the Faded Glory snippet, I was aghast, but then I re-read it and found a glaring error in the accusation.

    Exhibit A: “After some inevitable flirting and comparison of bank accounts and tattoos…” – any truly devoted Went fan will not believe this hype because he doesn’t have any tatoos, save for the one he has on PB, which we all exhaustively know by now is not real.

    Weeks and weeks of no fresh news on Went and we get this crap?! Sounds like Faded Glory is trying to stir something up that’s just not there. Still, if by chance this reveal is true, good for Went – he deserves some saucy nookie.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wet For Went

    Anon 3:01, I JUST edited the post after reading the blurb through. It must have been at the same time you posted this comment, lol. That’s funny. OK I really have to go back to work. I’ll comment more later.

  7. Anonymous

    Great minds…LOL. 🙂

  8. Mink

    Well, the ‘faded-youth’ blogspot thing is crap. Because to be on a Virgin Atlantic flight to LA, he’d have to be coming from London. And he hasn’t been to London since last March. And anyway, according to at least three people there with ‘friends of friends’, he’s gay as they come. *eye roll*

  9. Anonymous

    in the shared moment of seriousness…that was gorgeous and brought a tear to my eye.. i hear you and share your pain.

  10. belgian

    Sigh here too. I’ d actually rather not meet him ever… just to prevent this budding feeling from growing into a full-blown …?

    The Fox-people should know better than this… Hire some cute-but-not-very-likeable actors, godXXX instead of someone women all over the world might fall in love with!

    Good thing I’m faaaaaar away from him, being Belgian and all:)

  11. soiled undies

    WFW: That was beautiful! Yes all those thing I agree with, yet…

    I can’t pretend, my feelings towards Went are of such a sweet (you have deep affection for him – awwww!), admiring nature, it’s carnal, pure carnal LUST! I don’t want to enaged in beautiful, spiritual love making with him but fuck him unconscieous.

    I’m a bad person – I need to be spanked! God! I wish Bree Van De Kamp would spank me with a spatula!

  12. notthedoctor

    Sweet sweet WfW! you are such a sweety pie, let me hug you a minute!
    there there *hug*
    i feel ya, and share the pain! and the LOVE! so much love for The Pretty and no feedback?!?
    i say we kidnap him and spank him for making us feel so girly and romantic, then we fuck senseless!
    love this plan!

  13. Wet For Went

    su, I have to say that it goes back and forth and while I wouldn’t want to do the relationship thing…the spiritual love making in addition to the wild fuckfest does enter my mind from time to time…For some reason, now I feel…dirty.

    notthedoctor, thanks for the hug, I feel so exposed. Love your plan. Let’s go with that.

  14. Anonymous

    WFW, thank you so much for what you are doing. I checked your age too and felt so relieved that am not alone in this – you know, falling in love with an actor when you are not a teeny anymore for about 15 years… This obsession is so painful. So, thank you for your humour and sincerity. It is good to know someone feels the same (you know, I can’t really discuss this crush with my boyfriend).

  15. lovewent

    i know what you feel and i even think that your love towards him is much stronger to him than mine and i think thats because you seem to know him so much more and better and i feel it b/c of the way you talk about him but it would be unfair to say that my love to him is like … i dont know how to describe it b/c i really do love him and that love is either gonna drive me mad or i’ll get through this like through another infatuation. all i can say no offence i love him and honestly dont wanna love anyone, i’d.. i’d dir for him. i dont want this to and to be true and today all day long i’ve been thinking about him and you know i think like most of you i dream about things that will never ever happen but deep down inside i still have a bit of a hope that one day might be… and thats where it really ends. i have never even talld this to myself but in this comment i am 100% honest and gosh i just love him and i’d rather die with that love (wich is why i might end up an old maid) but i just cant think of anyone else. and you know what is the stragest thing? i miss him, dont even know why, but i think that i more miss a person that i made up in my dreams not the really one since i’ve never met him and i dont think i ever will 😦

    but even if i will, i am not a girl from his dreams 😦

  16. Went I really love you, I love your voice, your eyes, everything about you!

  17. mS $cOfii3LD

    oh my god!!! i feel exsactly da same way about wentworth. he is such a…… sexy .. person. n i bet his a much better person on the inside. if only i had a chance to meet him in real life… pfft yer right! all ov us gurlz can jus keep dreaming coz it dnt matta how hot we look… his jus 2 gud for us all ='[ if only he can cum australia for a litle visit, 2 sydney or sumfin so we can meet. keep dreamin aya .. not gonna happen!!

    luv u wentworth mwa mwa mwa
    >> aya << xoxox ( ausie )

  18. Cherry

    There are no words to describe how i feel about went.It drives me crazy so much i cry and just want to die and end this obsession.It really hurts…But deep down somewhere i ve got a tiny hope that maybe,just maybe..i might have a chance to show him how much i love him.But for now,i ll just keep dreaming……..

  19. worthyen

    he is sooooo cute!!

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