Pick One: Part Two

It’s time again to pick a mate for Went because he just won’t do it himself. We have 15 choices this time…Can you pick just one? I know I can’t!

1. Jensen Ackles



Sorry I lost it for a second there. Jensen is the hottie from Supernatural and Dean’s short sleeve shirts, sarcasm, smirk and muscle car just add to Jensen’s natural appeal. I have an even deeper love for him because of this Wensen slash. Jensen. Is. Hot.

2. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Who requested this one? See, don’t say I never did anything for you. If only for the role she played in Cruel Intentions, this girl gets a vote. She may have been the sexiest, most evil, teenage whore to ever appear on screen and it was fan-fucking-tastic. Great pose Shelly; Love the whip.

3. Takeshi Kaneshiro

Takeshi…All wet. Takeshi. I just like saying that name out loud. I don’t even think I’m pronouncing it correctly but I say it anyway…Tah-Kee-Shee. He is hella fine and I absolutely loved him in House of Flying Daggers. Hey Takeshi: I came back…For you.

4. Sanaa Lathan

Hey! It’s my girl Sanaa from Nip/Tuck who got booted off the list the last time for Angie Harmon since Wentworth Miller’s needs always come first. This time however, I made sure she made it. Isn’t she beautiful? She’s smart too.

5. Jonathan Rhys Myers


Cillian Murphy

Jon and Cillian are what I like to call scary sexy because if they were on top of you, you wouldn’t know if they were gonna fuck you or kill you. They share a spot for this very reason. Very beautiful boys with talent these two. I submit Match Point and Breakfast on Pluto as proof of this.

6. Katherine Heigl

Now I know I watched Roswell. I was an X-Files fan so it only made sense for me to. Roswell was the show that first introduced me to the wonderfulness that is Dido. But for the life of me, I do not remember Katherine Heigl. I do however remember her from That Night (one of my favorites). But anyway, Thank Goddess for Grey’s Anatomy. She’s so pretty and I love her character. It would not be a KH pic without the boobs. She’s got nice ones.

7. Tyson Beckford

I love models. My lover models. I don’t know what it is about them. I guess it’s the voyeur in me that likes to watch…Like when he comes walking into the room naked after a shower and I pretend to be watching TV when I’m really watching him dry off and oil up before he climbs into bed. *Note to self: Call lover. Get laid.* I’m also a pose whore. You can have absolutely no talent whatsoever; I can hate you even, but if you’re attractive, photogenic and can strike a nice pose, my panties will be off before you can say hello. Tysons’ hotness and Wentworths’ pretty…I’m sorry I just lost consciousness for a minute. Trois 2: Pandora’s Box. Watch. Tyson. In. That. Movie. Then you will understand.

8. Salma Hayek

Salma takes the #2 spot for sexiest woman alive in my opinion. I think we’ve established Monica Bellucci as #1 with extremely honorable mention going to Juliette Marquis…So much hotness…Salma has a beautiful face, a coke bottle body with fabulous curves and a great accent. Just imagining her saying the name Wentworth makes this pairing cute. I know you can’t really see her face in this pic but it’s a FABULOUS shot.

9. Edgar Ramirez

When I saw him in that Laundromat in his little underwear putting his hair in a ponytail and speaking all that sexy fucking Spanish in Domino I wanted to JUMP THROUGH THE SCREEN. The movie was stimulating enough without me getting wet every time he was shown or opened his mouth. Domino was one of the worst reviewed movies of its year (at least it was on rottentomatoes.com), but I loved it and I’m not ashamed to say so. I went ahead and made a clip of the scene that made me fall for Edgar. So sexy.

10. Angelina Jolie

Forget Brad, he’s old news; Went is where it’s at girl! I miss the old Angie: the bisexual, blood vile wearing crazy I came to know and love. Growing up fucking sucks. And while I think that Angelina-Went spawn would start a super race of people so hot they’d blind others with their visual brilliance, I could live with that.

11. Ryan Phillippe

Hey, he’s newly single and here’s another performance in Cruel Intentions that I loved madly. I salivated all through that movie at Sebastians’ delicious wickedness. So let’s see Ryan, if you (maybe) go both ways and Went (maybe) does too then I guess there’s hope for you two yet. Shit, if the media can try and claim a Jake and Reese pairing (ick! The ONLY person I want to see Jake with, is Austin), I can claim this one. You heard the (fake) news here first. See it turns out, Reese left Ryan because she caught him with Went…What a sight that would have been…Ryan is cute but he looks like an asshole so hopefully Went would be rough with him and smack him around a little. That would make me feel better.

12. Kristin Kreuk

The hot chick from Smallville that I have liked since I first laid eyes on her and if we’re talking Smallville hotness, I guess you could add Tom Welling under here too…OK I will!

Lots of hotness on that show. Hmmm, he and Cillian favor a little. Anyway back to Kristin

She has that angelic look like Went has sometimes that can make her go either way: Part slut, part virgin. An enigma.

13. Gale Harold

I’m not even going to explain this one. If you’ve ever seen Queer as Folk, you would definitely understand. He is so beautiful and such a great actor. He played the hell out of Brian Kinney and I will love him for it, forever.

14. Nicole Ari Parker

Am I to understand that Wentworth has expressed an admiration for Nicole as well as Angie? My question then is, When Went calls you beautiful, why is his representation NOT your next call? If he said “Fuck off” to me I’d propose! You bitches are crazy. Anyway, yeah she’s pretty and stuff, but not too bright.

15. Orlando Bloom

Although he likes to fuck skeletons, he was Legolas. Did you hear me? HE. WAS. LEGOLAS. That gives him a lifetime worth of passes for making movies that will never measure up to Lord of the Rings, for not going permanently blond in honor of the best Trilogy of all time, and just about anything else from now until the end of time. He is SO pretty and he’d make a great bottom.

OK so who did I forget THIS time?


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41 responses to “Pick One: Part Two

  1. soiled undies

    OH GAWD!!!!! So I drop off the face of the earth for a few days and when I get back you have THIS for me!

    [in the event that we meet, actually scratch that, WHEN we meet, coz I just have to taste you, I always wondered what having sex with myself (my American clone)and sex with a brilliant, sexy, evil genius would be like] and I’ll enjoy every second of it or pretend to as long as you keep masterpieces like this cuming – I mean coming!

    Sarah Michelle Gellar: YES! YES! YES!

    Sarah Michelle Gellar in Cruel Intentions(which is in my top 3 fave movies)YES!
    I thought I was straight until I saw her STROKING herself and knew I could be persuaded to RIP OFF THAT CORSET AND LICK, SUCK AND MOUTH her*censored*

    Yeah, she sure was a great whore and I think that’s what did it for me, takes one to know and love one.
    AND that pic you posted was AWESOME! I LOVE whips! They are too much fun! I wish she would whip my buttocks with it (she would have smeared some body butter on it prior to the whipping to make it look lush and shiny), and make nice long gashes on it…

    She has a great fuck me look and in that pic she is just begging for me to stick it to her(which is sort of impossible since I don’t have a penis – but I sure can dream!) and the way she is posed on that chair ready for action, looks like she just wants to jump your bones!
    (BTW I was the one who first suggested her back in the day when I was still anon – GREAT CHOICE HUH?)

    Kristin Kreuk: “Part slut, part virgin” that’s SO me except, I’m no virgin and all slut – but close enough right?

    Ryan Philippe: He is almost as pretty as Went but you are exactly right with the asshole thing and I would love for Went smack him around too – til he bled and got a split lip then Went do one of those lick it/ suck it up kisses, then they would start touching each other tenderly…Oh!!!

    Ten mins later….

    Sorry got so excited I had to calm myself down…guess how? I’ll give you a clue, it involved my hands (more accurately my fingers…)

    This was a DELICIOUS experience.

    THANK YOU *crying tears of ectasy*

    I think this is the best list ever! Though with all the sexy people in the world it will probably never be complete.

    Just watched Desperate Housewives, so perhaps Eva Longoria being as beautiful as she is deserves a mention, but my fave is Bree not Marcia, but Bree especially when she’s in full Martha Steward on steroids mode, I would love to see her tear off Went’s clothes while wearing those pink cleaning gloves of hers. I can just see her scrubbing him down with a toilet brush!

    Damn, that was LEKKA! (there is no translation for that word just know it means WOW! to infinity and beyond)

    It was as juicy as the gigantic steak I had for lunch and I am definitely a carnivore, one of the reasons most people refer to me as a MAN-EATER.

    Okay so this was total overshare but I still do remember *cough* SOME of the Christian values my mom tried to instill in me when I was younger – I still believe in sharing.

    Again, THANK YOU for making life WORTH LIVING! LOVE YOU!

  2. Anonymous

    No. 12 Kristin and Tom Welling

    that way Went can go both ways, this should satisfy his bisexual, peanutbutt cup loving ass 🙂

  3. Wet For Went

    su! I did wonder where you were! I missed ya girly! I have an insane love affair with Cruel Intentions too. I know it was based on Dangerous Liasons (which Went has said that he likes), but I’ve never seen the original. I’ll see what I can do next round. Maybe I’ll do TV characters. That would take some work though. Stop trying to kill me dammit!

    anon 5:42, that sounds like a WONDERFUL idea.

  4. Mink

    “My question then is, When Went calls you beautiful, why is his representation NOT your next call? If he said “Fuck off” to me I’d propose! You bitches are crazy.”

    LMFAO! WFW you speak the truth. Simple as that.

  5. tia

    OK definitely Angelina the ultimate most beautiful and sexy creature walking the earth, Sanaa Lathan yes , Jonathan Reese Myers GOD YES , hey how about Jessica Biel I think he would appreciate that fantastic ASS of hers

  6. Anonymous

    oooh tough decision…but my loyalty vote goes to the Buffster! closely followed by Katherine H as she’s just too beautiful for words and looks like enough of a ‘lady’ for Went… god gale harold is one hot honey though… and orlandos eyes… like i said tough decision… Must say tho..i missed you too SU..comments are just not the same without you!

  7. Wet For Went

    mink, I know right! What is wrong with these women?

    tia, glad you approve of the list. I pulled out all the stops for this one although there are still people that didn’t make it on and they will be on 3! I’m not a Jessica Biel fan but she DOES have a nice ass.

    cocob, uh-oh are you one of those Buffy fanatics? lol, I’m just teasing, I liked Buffy but I definitely liked the character Kathryn more, she really impressed me with that one. KH is really pretty and she seems like a nice girl. On the man list, Gale is my number 3 right after Jake. Love me some Gale and oh the love affair I had with Orly when LOTR was out. Whew.

  8. cocot13

    heres my list, Charlize Theron,Eve Mendes,Kate Beckinsale,Leila Arcieri,Gabriel Union,Penelope Cruz,Rachel Mcadams,Uma Thurman,Jennifer Connelly,Gael Garcia Bernal,Anderson Cooper, Matthew Goode,Jude Law,Curtis Stone(tv chef on TLC),and last Patrick Dempsey,ohh, Mcdreamy and The Pretty

  9. Anonymous

    yes..my name is cocob and i’m a buffy fanatic

    i guess that’s to blame for my weird fascination with vampires/demons/witchs etc..

    and dammit i am not ashamed! lol

    besides..joss whedon is (not god..as we know who that is..) but let’s call him gods’ scribe.

    however, i do agree that Kathryn kicked some serious slut ass! she was a total beast in that movie and it would have to be one of my faves!

  10. Anonymous

    I LOVE Jensen…he and Tom Welling are tied for #2 after Went in my heart.

    Hmmm…as far as a “pick” for Went, I’m sure the man MUST lust after people, however, coy he acts about it. Still, given his obvious intelligence, I can’t help but think he’d roll his head back for someone really cerebral like Reese Witherspoon or Jodi Foster. I say this knowing he’s not that into blondes and acknowledging that it’s not that hot of an image. OK, let me try again…maybe Natalie Portman. She’s a smart AND sexy one.

    You know though, for me, I’d have to say SWC (for you non-fanatics, that’s Sarah Wayne Callies, his co-star from PB). She’s beautiful, intelligent, and so obviously smitten with Went (and I think he is with her too if we’re to believe that lucky bitch who got to meet him recently). They seem really made for each other. Since she’s married, she’s more unattainable, which I’m sure makes her hotter to him (this, of course, is pure speculation on my part).

  11. Anonymous

    WFW I must say, you CRACK ME UP!

    You’re like the id my id wishes it could be!

  12. Anonymous

    oh Mil…you and your Jared…you just went to your happy jensen/jared/Went sandwich place again didn’t you?! lol

  13. Anonymous

    hmmm, yummy yummy thoughts there, a jaredwensen sandwich.

  14. Anonymous

    I not one of those MiSa freaks but how about Sarah Wayne Callies she’s smart pretty nice funny they have great chemistry together on and off camera they sooooo cleary like each other just watch their joint interviews and he did say in Cannes that his ideal woman looks like her,well actually he said Dr.Sara but she plays Dr.Sara so he meant her, plus she seems like she would be totally clueless to his other umm….. how do you say proclivities so she would be perfect for him,now I know she’s married but I’ve seen him and he aint no Went so he better have his ass on that set everyday because she is only human and who knows how much longer she will be able to resist him and if you dont believe me just go ask Jennifer Aniston

  15. Anonymous

    Well , I like Sarah Wayne a lot. I think she´s beautiful and smart. Jennifer Anniston is my second best and two Spanish actresses : Pilar López de Ayala (I think she is really beautiful) and Paz Vega (she is married and pregnant , though)

  16. Anonymous

    Quit it!!!…..your not playing the game right Jen A & Sara WC are not on the list.

    Pick from the list!!

  17. Anonymous

    Ok! I choose Angelina Jolie. But I protest against closed lists!

  18. soiled undies

    Awwwwhhh….Missed you too WFW AND cocob! Kissies! xxx

    I forgot to add that I would want Cillian Murray – if he was on top – to strangle me a little or hold a knife to my throat and cut me…

    cocot13: I was so gonna add Gael Garcia Bernal to my list! He was amazing in The Crime of Padre Amaro, I went back to church for a while after seeing that (just had to thank God for putting such a beautiful piece of ass on this earth).

    Uhhhh, Anon8:19, Alrighty then! Obviously someone forgot to take their Bob Martins this morning, well plz take a chill pill hun. If you’ve read the bottom of the post WFW did ask who she forgot and everyone is free to make suggestions.

    Make love, not war.

    Then again you’re probably an aggressive bitch and I like that especially in the bedroom… so rock on!

  19. Anonymous

    K.K looks a bit … disproportionate , doesn´t she?

  20. soiled undies

    Anon10:22, are you refering to the black & white pic? Yeah that thigh does look a little meaty but sometimes chunky is nice…like peanut butter.

    Awh hell, cocob’s got me on a peanut butter craze-faze!

  21. Wet For Went

    GOOD LORD! I go to bed and wake up and you people are blowing the comments section UP! OK we have MiSa, Jensen/Jared, and Buffy nuts…The freaks come out at night.

    cocot13, That’s a nice list. My favs: Charlize Theron, Kate Beckinsale, Leila Arcieri, Gabriel Union, Rachel Mcadams, Uma Thurman, Jennifer Connelly, Matthew Goode, Jude Law (although lately he has been looking exhausted), AND OF COURSE Patrick Dempsey who I have been secretly in love with since Can’t Buy Me Love. Believe me, he will be on the next one. He gets better with age that one.

    Alright cocob, I understand the Buffy obsession even if I don’t share in it. Witches, Demons and Vampires ARE the shit afterall and while I didn’t watch every single week, I watched enough and I liked the show.

    anon 1:30, I don’t like Reese nor Jodi for him but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them. I personally think Jodi needs to walk around ALL THE TIME the way she looked in Inside Man b/c she was ON in that movie. She looked hot. I have love for Reese, but no no not with my Wenty OR my Jakey, no no no. I get what you’re saying about SWC and they do seem tight. It’s cute. I happen to like Natalie a lot and she is on the next list.

    Karen, I make with the obscenities and you wax poetic with the intellectualism. Together we would be unstoppable.

    Melissa, the only thing I want in a Wensen sandwich is me but I’ve got love for JP. He is a cutie.

    anon 4:23, You are so right. Sarah’s hubby better be all over that situation. I mean who could resist Went?

    anon 5:23, I will have to research these Spanish actresses b/c I am ALL about the Spanish hotties.

    anon 8:19, I am not trying to start any shit, Jen is cool and all, but I’m Team Jolie all the way baby so the odds of seeing Jen A on the list are probably slim, though I may just do it, just for you.

    anon 9:30, the list is never closed! It just goes on and on and on. Oh and good choice (I do love me some Angie).

    su, I swear that I love you. I would DEFINITELY want Cillian to strangle me…just a little. I can see it now “Hey Cill (get it, he kill, oh fuck I don’t know why that is so funny), Can we play Red Eye tonight?” LOVE Cillian Murphy.

    anon 10:22 and su, KK could actually use a little MORE meat so if you’re trying to say she looks chunky then both of you seriously need your eyes checked, lol.

  22. soiled undies

    No, no babe! I wasn’t implying that KK is fat at all – I was just responding to Anon’s comment.

    I don’t care at all about size (well THAT size at least) as long as you can satisfy me, I’m good.

    After all, it’s not about how large the ocean is, it’s the MOTION of the ocean!

  23. Patty

    Totally Gale. If Went goes that way…how totally HOT would that be?

  24. notthedoctor

    well well funniest stuff always happen in here, hotest comments too!
    wfw, if i had to choose on your lust i would pick the Buffy SMG, she’s so hot!
    and i can’t believe nobody mentioned Salma “Santanico Pandemonium” Hayek, one of my most favorite actress and she’s smart too, made her own movie and everything, SHE ROCKS!!
    and i love petite and hot women, just like me, what they miss in height they compensate in bed!!!
    just imagine Hotness Pretty Went touring over me… i mean her, them, anywho… is so exciting. *ecstatic sigh*

  25. TBaby

    Nobody commented on my baby-daddy, Takeshi. I absolutely wanted to do things to him in House of Flying Daggers. **Growl**

    Before I fell in love with Went, I was Tom Welling’s mistress. I wanted him to bear me children.

    You’ve definitely got a nice cross-section of hotness on this list. Just like you did on the last one. Keep up the good work.

  26. Wet For Went

    I’m with you Tbaby! I thought for sure I would see more Takeshi love. He is so SO cute. Tom Wellings’ arms are like tree trunks in that pic. The time that man must spend in a gym is ridiculous but boy does it pay off. He is hot.

  27. Anonymous

    Oh my god!!! I loved Tom Welling for a whole year before I switched over to Wentworth. I’m a one man kinda girl. So now it’s just Went…..looks like we all have the same taste in men.

    So I’m gonna go ahead and declare TOM WELLING the winner, because Wenty desterves the best.

  28. Tbaby

    Takeshi is multilingual: Mandarin, Japanese, Cantonese, Taiwanese, and English. I like a man with a talented tongue. Don’t you?

  29. Wet For Went

    anon 11:02, damn that one man stuff, I want them ALL! But yeah, Went is my fave.

    tbaby, oh yes, a man with a talented tongue *smirk*. I’m always amazed at how people in other countries, more often than not, can speak more than one language. One of these days I have got to learn Spanish.

  30. Patty

    What about Went and Gale acting gay together in a movie ala “Brokeback” only not cowboys but maybe pirates or something?

  31. Wet For Went

    I’d love to see them act together but not pirates b/c that conjures Johnny/Orly fantasies. Vampires. Definitely Vampires. What is it with me and the Vampires lately?

  32. Anonymous

    MY GOD THE VAMPIRE IDEA IS INSANELY HOT…they would have to wear lots of leather…and i think the whole movie would have to be in black and white cuz they’re both so incredibly sexy in the black and white…and there would be shower scenes…and lots of skin…and they could feed each other peanut buttercups…ok..i’ll stop now. my mind is all a scramble cuz i’ve just seen a preview of PB which is FINALLY returning to screens in OZ (the land behind time..) very soon!!!!!! oh gush gush! aren’t you jealous that i’m yet to see all the greatness that is season 2?! i’m jealous of myself.. (?) and yes..incase you hadn’t worked it out by the insane ramblings…it’s me cocob..i changed my name to honour you Oh Great One…thank you for my new name..i shall wear it as my badge of honour! xxx B

  33. soiled undies

    OK! cocob?! buttercup?! What next?! WFW2?!

    WFW: Do you see the influence that you wield?! Be careful. With great power comes great responsibility. I think you should start a cult (if this blog hasn’t turn into one already – what with people changing their own names for you!) count me in as one of your members. I think I should start a new blog entitled the “Temple of WFW” where worshippers can pay tribute to the genius that is you .

    PS cocob/ buttercup – JUST TEASING! I think it’s great, butter is a more important food group than coco anyway (unless we’re talking hot cocoa with marshmellows or is cocob related to coconut?).

  34. Wet For Went

    buttercup, I approve. I always thought that “Don’t change your hair for me, not if you care for me,” stuff was crap. Your hair looks nice this way 😉

    su, I know, it’s insane, but if I truly am Lord of the Went, then I demand a lifesize version of him be made out of marble and deposited in the Royal Square AKA my apartment. Get started my subjects! Chisel! Chisel dammit!

    I would also like to add su that you have me saying yay! all over the fucking internet like a dumb ass…

  35. soiled undies

    Uhh… Honey, marble is a little impractical don’t you think?

    Rubber would be more… flexible?
    Rubber would be more … DO-ABLE.
    Rubber would mean you wouldn’t have to worry you’ll be covered ie. you don’t need any extra PROTECTION!

    Yes a lifesized rubber doll of Went would be better, one of those blow up dolls, Perfect – you can BLOW HIM!

    Yay! *grin*

  36. Wet For Went

    LOL yeah I like your idea much better than mine. Rubber it is.

  37. Wet For Went

    patty, In all fairness, Gale would have to swing that way too and I believe he is 100% straight although I do not take orientation, marriage, or anything else into account when I do these lists because I’m just trying to bring all the hotness together. But Gale and Went would be hot as all get out and Gale is one of the only people that would have my permission to top Went. Mmm, Gale-Went sandwich…

    notthedoctor, you are such a sweetie pie and Salma *drool* is THE hotness.


    I think he should stick with a regular woman wfw u fit the bill perfect x

  39. anja

    it’s funny.. i like them all… i couldn’t be so cruel as to only pic one.. why can’t it be just all of them? huh? (we wouldn’t have to tell anybody..)


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