Today in People I Hate…

OMG I finally did it, I got to meet Wentworth Miller. We had gotten called back for another PB shoot and of course our scenes had nobody that we knew in them BUT at the same location they were filming another scene afterwards which had Wentworth, Dominic, Paul, and Sara all there!! At the last minute after we were done with our scenes, they told us that 3 people had cancelled as extras and they needed volunteers. Of course we raised our hands immediately!! We were escorted upstairs to a holding area that overlooked below where the actors were shooting at. Sara was down there first so I got to see a lot of her. She is very tall and skinny and very pretty in person. After she did her scene they started setting up for Wentworths scene and I was so excited I was gonna get to see him this time for sure. Well I went downstairs to see if I could catch a glimpse or something and the crew guy told me that if I was hungry I could go get some coffee and snacks in the breakroom. So I wandered in there and who did I see? Wentworth and Sara!! They were engaged in conversation and it was just them in the room. I walked over to the snacks pretending like I didn’t know who the hell they were. Then I saw my chance. Sara had sat down and Wentworth picked up a paper and was just standing there so I went up to him and told him what a huge fan I was and asked if I could get a picture with him. I had never been so nervous in my entire life! At that time my husband had come in with the camera. Wentworth said “Sure” and he put his arm around me I got my picture. I said “thank you” and he walked off to do his scene. I got to watch him the whole time while he was filming. At dinner I got to sit right behind him and Paul, it was amazing!! Then later on we were doing a different scene and Wentworth was right next to me!! All I have to say is that He is absolutely gorgeous in person just as hot as on tv if not hotter. His eyes are so big and beautiful. They looked like a blue/green color. As for the rumors that he is balding. Thats not true I sat right behind him at dinner and he is not balding. His hair parts a certain way which looks like a small bald spot but hes not balding. As for him being gay. I really don’t think so, he didn’t act gay to me whatsoever. I never saw him smoke either and he was filming for hours. He was laughing a lot with Sara and it looked like they were flirting with each other. It seemed as though they were very close. Too bad she is married. I think they would make a great couple together. He is very calm and very down to earth. My goal of meeting Wentworth has been acheived. WOO HOO!! You can check out my picture with him in my pics section. Its probably the worst picture I’ve ever taken in my life but it was sooo worth it!

Congratu-fucking-lations you lucky, lucky girl!


UPDATE: This blogger is in the comments section(!) and our very own Lucky Lady (LL, yes I have named her) recalls her life-changing 2 second encounter with The Perfect One and answers your burning questions such as: What did he smell like? What was his proximity to Peanut Butter Cups? Did you notice a Halo?


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50 responses to “Today in People I Hate…

  1. Anonymous

    He looks like he gained a little weight again.

    What do you think WFW

  2. Anonymous

    I bet she and her husband had fantabulous sex that night…:)

    Oh yeah, here’s a funny thought – can you imagine having sex with Went and telling him, “Went, I came.” Get it? OK, nevermind.

  3. Anonymous

    Went I came ….hee hee hee!!

  4. Anonymous

    so if Dom,Sara and Went were filming scene’s together that means they have already found Sara and are all together ….where’s Kellerman??? Michael must have kicked his ass for attempting to kill Sara.

  5. Anonymous

    how funny her husband had to take a pucture of this woman and her dream-man-wentworth. Thats an understanding husband…keep him.

  6. soiled undies

    Okay so she achieved her goal of meeting him, WOO HOO!

    So she can die happy now, no really JUST DIE hunny!

    Lucky bitch, I’m truly happy for her, no really I am!

  7. Stacy

    It’s official. She’s on my hitlist now.

  8. Wet For Went

    anon 4:52, Yeah he’s been downing those Peanut Butter Cups alright, but it would take a lot more than that for me to kick him out of bed.

    anon 4:52 the second, You’re right she probably did and yes I get your rubber chicken joke. I still love you anyway, lol.

    anon 4:57, Oh yeah Mike is going to fuck Kellerman up when he finds out what he did to his woman. Believe it, lol.

    anon 5:35, I agree, she’s got a good man there.

    su and stacy, my sisters in hate. I salute you.

  9. Anonymous

    I am so sick and tired about hearing or seeing him flirt with Sarah Wayne Callies,maybe thats the reason whe never hear about him with anyone because he’s fucking his costar THAT BITCH!

  10. Anonymous

    Mink, give it up on picking on WM over his weight. So what?! Who are you to pass judgement on someone else’s weight? I would LOVE to see what YOU look like…[end removed]

    Now you know I had to say something. December 1st will be the first time since the blogs’ creation that I have to make a rule. Let’s try and disagree without resorting to namecalling and baiting each other. This post could just have easily read

    “I don’t agree, Mink. I think he looks fine! It’s just more to love.”

    See how that was disagreeing without being disagreeable? How do you know she even meant it literally and was not just joking? I tease the boy all the time! I don’t want my blog to turn into one of THOSE places. Please don’t bring your personal feelings about a regular commenter (or even a complete stranger) here cuz it’s just not cool. Oh and I’ve seen Mink, at least from the back, and from what I saw she’s hot, sorry. I’m only leaving part of this post up as an example to others of what NOT to do. The day I have to start deleting comments is going to be a sad day indeed. Now stop fucking with people and go back to worshipping Wentworth b/c that’s what we’re here for. Thanks.

  11. Anonymous

    now this woman looks like a peanut butter cup! what the hell is going on?!

  12. geniass

    Baby got a little chub in the face. But it’s ok!

  13. Wet For Went

    LOL @ anon 9:26.

    cocob, I’m just going to call you buttercup from now on.

    geniass! I couldn’t see all of your comment in my gmail preview at first and all I saw was “Baby got a little chub…” and I came in here all excited. Thanks for letting me down.

  14. Wet For Went

    You know something just occured to me…What if he is gaining weight because he is giving up smoking? She said she didn’t see him smoke and she didn’t mention that he smelled like smoke and she would have been close enough to tell. As a non-smoker, the scent is very noticeable when I smell it. It makes sense!

  15. Anonymous

    me jane..

  16. Anonymous

    You go, WFW! Atta way to lay the law down! One of the reasons I personally come to your site is because it’s devoid of hateraters. You’re all just making mad love in here to Went as it should be. As Lenny Kravitz, another mochalatta hottie croons, “We gotta let love rule!”

  17. Anonymous


    u r lucky.


  18. zzzebra_fish

    is it me or he’s kinda gaining some weight?

  19. Anonymous

    Hi this is the girl in the picture. People have stolen this picture off of my site and I had to remove it, they have also stolen my blog all without my consent. That was a personal blog, I didn’t mean for it to get out of hand like this. I am just a fan who wanted a picture thats all. OK as for him being fat, he is not fat. It was snowing outside which is why we all had our winter coats on. I really don’t appreciate this being posted eveywhere with respect to Went. I don’t care about the picture its the blog I’m concerned about. I just don’t want to get into any trouble with the fox people for this. Now if you have any questions feel free to message me but no spoiler questions please. I’m not going to ruin the surprises that Prison Break has in store for us.

  20. Mink

    Thanks so much for understanding, WFW. As anyone who knows me even a little bit would know, I was KIDDING!!!! re. the ‘pastry’ comment. (I kind of thought the ‘cat’ comment, and the ‘Aw babe!’ gave it away.) I ADORE this boy skinny, super-skinny, regular or slightly more well-covered, and I have much form to prove it.

    Oh, and I am hot as hell! LOL. Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt WFW!

  21. Wet For Went

    No problem anon 1:38, it had to be done. We don’t always have to agree but namecalling, me no likee. Besides it was clear that person already knew the person they were targeting and they were trying to get a rise out of her.

    Not a problem Mink! See anon 9:49? Joking, as I suspected. Let this be a lesson to the rest of you: I am always right.

    anon 6:07 or LL (for Lucky Lady) as you will now be called, I apologize if you feel I invaded your privacy but I actually do a regular feature with people who blog about Went so this was just an extra treat to get to see a pic of him “in the wild.” We love him madly here so we would never disrespect him. I sent you a Myspace message on how you want to handle this but really we’re all EXCITED for you! I play around hating on people that have met Went but really I live vicariously through you people! It’s awesome you have inside scoop and all but I don’t do the spoilers on this blog anyway unless I send you off of my site to them. I’m not a spoiler fan and I hate spoiling things for others. OK so now for the question everyone wants answered: What did he smell like? Cookies? Peanut Butter Cups? Frankincense and Myrrh?

  22. Anonymous

    I couldn’t really tell what he smelled like because of the coat lol!

  23. Wet For Went

    DAMMIT LL! LOL Next time take a good whiff! I will be expecting a full report for the next time you bump into Went on the set you lucky girl you.

  24. Anonymous

    He didn’t smell like smoke though I know that for sure

  25. Anonymous

    It is very rare to get a shoot with him, I was just really lucky that day!! Thank you snow!!

  26. Anonymous

    HAHA the other person is right I did look like a peanut butter cup lol! and I was standing in front of a jar of peanut butter cups. How ironic hehe

  27. Wet For Went

    LL, I updated the post so that people will know you are here and can ask questions so if you go away, make sure you come back and check to see what off the wall question someone expects you to answer next after seeing him for all of 30 seconds and thanks for letting me keep the post up! 🙂

  28. Anonymous

    ok i’ll try to be on as long as i can, your welcome 🙂

  29. soiled undies

    Ohhh…WFW finally laided down the law!

    You go girl! I like to see a woman take charge.

    If you need to reinforce this new rule know that I am behind you 100% and that I encourage and support you should you decide to borrow Sarah Michelle Gellar’s whip to show everyone how serious you are.

    You can always take it out for a test drive on me…make sure it’s all whippy…*grin*

  30. Anonymous

    He definately had the brightest light in his beautiful eyes!

  31. Wet For Went

    Awww! *smiling uncontrollably* He is just adorable. *sigh*

  32. Wet For Went

    su, I didn’t threaten with the whip b/c I knew that it would only turn people ON. How would that help ANYTHING!

    LL, I just realized I posted but never actually asked the Halo question…Tell me there was a slight “natural lighting” to him that followed him wherever he went…Even if you didn’t see it I know it’s there and no one can convince me otherwise, lol.

  33. Mink

    Whoops! ‘Anon 11.18 is me, WFW. Don’t know how I posted it before I got a chance to enter my name. Tsk! Technology!

  34. Anonymous

    I wish he wasn´t that charming. It´s time he had a big head, this way it wouldn´t be so hard for us to get free from this frustrating infatuation!

  35. Anonymous

    I love Went, however, I always thought he could use a little more meat on his bones. He looks healthy in this pic. Didn’t you all know that Peanut Butter Cups is a food group all its own? 😉

  36. Anonymous

    feel free to message me at if you have any more questions, but no spoilers.

  37. Anonymous


    Does Went have a lot of moles on his face??

    How does his voice sound??

    Which Paul we you sitting behing Paul the producer or Paul the Actor?

    How bad is the grey hair??

    How does your husband feel about the encounter??

    Twinkie …You and Went look cute together, like your keeping each other warm.

  38. Anonymous

    He doesn’t have a lot of moles just a couple. His voice is super sexy! It was Paul Adelstein AND Paul the producer I was sitting behind, they were all sitting together. The gray hair is not that bad it looks worse in pictures than real life. My husband is the greatest, he is a big fan as well. Thanks for the compliment, it was freezing outside lol!

  39. Anonymous

    Oh my gosh, Twinkie thanks for answering my questions.

    I thought Paul Adelstein was pretty hot in the last episode of PB…got and info on him ?, I’m developing a professional crush on him and Went.

    Does Paul Adelstein look cute in person?? …and are you getting anything done this weekend with everyone asking you so many questions??

  40. Anonymous

    Paul Adelstein is real cute in person

  41. Anonymous

    LL, i just wanted to say that i hope i didn’t offend saying you looked like a peanut butter was just about the colours together…i wouldn’t want to offend anyone. 🙂

  42. Anonymous

    No Cocob, you didn’t offend me I thought it was funny. I really did look like a peanut butter cup lol. Thats because wardrobe wanted me to wear my brown outfit because I had worn my blue one in the earlier scenes

  43. Anonymous

    i’m so glad LL…thank you. i can’t even begin to imagine how amazing it was to be in such close proximity to Went..and looking into his eyes and still being able to form words…and remain standing! i mean seriously, what do you say to him?! just the thought makes my palms sweat and my stomach flip! So major kudos to you for your effort of actually keeping your cool and getting a photo!

  44. Anonymous

    Thanks haha, well I wasn’t exactly cool, as you can see in my picture i was nervous as hell!

  45. Anonymous

    Hey everybody I found a pic of sarah’s husband!

    Here is the link

    just scroll down and you’ll see them

  46. Anonymous

    anon 9:28 Thanks for sharing the link…SWC’s hubby is SO screwed! When you compare him to Went, well, there’s just no comparison. SWC must have some serious self-control – kudos to her.

  47. Anonymous

    Lucky Lady: Congrats to you! You’ve found the Holy Grail! 🙂 I’m curious, why didn’t you take a pic of Went and SWC?

  48. Anonymous

    i didn’t even think about it, i was so nervous just asking went.

  49. Anonymous

    My blog is now open for comments at 🙂

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