Wentworth Miller Sighting

· Live report. Stranded at dfw. Onplanetola.Airport lost power. Wentworth miller 3 rows away. This is how i want to die – staring @ those eyes. Damn. We are leaving. Only 3 more hours.

Amen, anonymous stalker, Amen.



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11 responses to “Wentworth Miller Sighting

  1. Anonymous

    brings whole new meaning to ‘i can die happy’….

  2. Stacy

    I concur, cocob. But, I can think of a few ways that I could kill some time while stranded in an airport with WM — preferably with him, but solo if I must.

  3. Wet For Went

    When I saw “This is how I want to die…” I knew I was reading the longing of a kindred spirit. Oh to be that close to Went. If only…and the severe restraint they showed by not going over to him and dropping to their knees…

  4. Anonymous

    OR spinning around on the floor Three Stooges style like a crazed lunatic. I’m sure that would’ve been my reaction.

  5. Anonymous

    I have never wanted to be stranded in an airport … until now.

  6. Anonymous


    that is ONE lucky girl.
    and I even love airports, why does this never happen to me?! tsss

  7. notthedoctor

    all those gals meeting The Pretty makes me cry from the frustration of knowing i will never meet him in the flesh, never tell him how much i love and lust and admire him, how much want to rip his clothes off and fuck his brains out!!!!
    Why oh Why do i live in France????
    i swear if he ever comes to Paris i will stalk him everywhere until i come face to face with him and tell exactly my thoughts *show him too*… making him then think that i’m escaped from psycho but i don’t care he’ll never see me again!!!
    and we have Starbucks so i’ll know where to start!
    Just come to me my Pretty! Come and you will cum!
    *note to self:start plotting a Tango-With-The-Pretty-In-Paris plan*
    *2nd note to self: buy some butter*

  8. soiled undies

    notthedoctor: I share your despair being stuck in South Africa and all and wish you luck with your plan.

    What I really want to ask is this; Is that butter a part of your grocery list or are you planning to do something kinky with it when you meet Went?

  9. Anonymous

    LMFAO su!!! i can’t believe you wrote that! i was so gonna ask that yesterday but then thought i may have missed some butter reference from past comments, so didn’t bother. So yeah…that makes 2 of us….please tell us it’s not cuz you just bought some really hot tasty bread…

  10. notthedoctor

    well Soiled Undies, i was refering to one of my favorite Marlon Brando movie called Tango In Paris which became in my post Tango With The Pretty In Paris!
    there is a particular scene in the film that involves great acting with Brando, Maria Schneider and some butter! best performance ever by butter!
    anyway, my Lord of Pretty could use it all he wants on me, and i’ll return the favorite if he’s into THAT.

  11. Wet For Went

    LMAO about the butter.

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