Wentworth Miller! Wha Wha What?

Melie just sent me this link. I am up to my ass in work so I have no comment at this time and I barely got to skim it but for now, I’ll just say: I’m not listening. I’m not listening!

EDIT: Wait, Went doesn’t have any tattoos! I call bullshit!

From Holy Moly mailout:

Which member of pop quintet Girls Aloud recently got tiddly and fiddly with Wentworth Miller – he of the tattooed torso from hit US TV drama ‘Prison Break’ – during a recent Virgin (the irony) Atlantic flight to LA?

It had been reported in the tabloids that the Irish pop strumpet was on a mercy dash to patch up her on-off relationship with a male star from the biggest TV show in the US.

Apparently our chatty songstress was sitting at the Upper Class bar supping champers when her Lucky Charms were noted by Miller.

After some inevitable flirting and comparison of bank accounts and tattoos, the couple decided to sky-test those really posh beds shown on the adverts (though the adverts only show one person in the bed – and definitely no rimming).

To the annoyance of their fellow passengers, the lady in question is a bit of a ‘screamer’, and her Catholic background was made fairly obvious by her cries of, “Oh Jesus, oh Mary Mother of God, there, that’s the spot” etc. This led to complaints and a red-faced flight attendant was dispatched to ask the lady in question if she could be more… not so loud.

Frolics done, the singer bid her mile-high partner adieu, re-applied her make up, did her hair and hauled her swollen mons off the plane, before racing into the arms of her desperate boyfriend who was waiting at the gate.

The Girls Aloud member they are referring to is Nadine Coyle whose previous “relationship” was with Jesse Metcalfe. Gee, nothing suspicious about that!



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18 responses to “Wentworth Miller! Wha Wha What?

  1. Anonymous

    I just don’t believe it, sounds like crap because Wentworth Miller has spent years covering his tracks about his relationships, and how he’s do dumb to know people are watching.

    Jessie is gay and if this girl was dating him then she’s a beard, and well if Wentworth publicist thinks it’s wise to let his name be linked to this trash….then so be it….when your gay you can’t be picky.

  2. Anonymous

    Bullshit …is accurate.

    This girl’s publicist just used you blog to give her some publicity by linking an untrue story to Wentworht. Besides isn’t Went filming in Dallas still.

  3. soiled undies

    LIES, IT’S ALL LIES! *breaking down*

  4. Wet For Went

    whoa there anon 4:35, lol, I blame her reps for this one, not his.

    anon 5:32, from the encounter I just posted he was still in Dallas but someone just saw him at an airport (today?). I have been blogging shit all day and not reading it completely, lol. So no, I do not think he was where they say he was and I really don’t even think enough people read this blog for it to be considered any sort of publicity for anyone. It’d be news to me if that were the case.

    Now, now, su, dry your tears. It’s all complete and utter bullshit.

  5. Mink

    Whoops, I commented on this in the wrong place. Just to say…this is crap. Leaving aside the fact that this behaviour is so ‘not him’ it’s not true, the fact is for him to be on a Virgin Atlantic flight to LA, he’d have to be coming from London, and he hasn’t been to London since March. So it is irrefutably total BS.

  6. Anonymous

    it is a well known fact that he doesn’t like blondes but it is nice to think of him doing something dirty like that WITH A WOMAN

  7. Anonymous

    i think the only ‘accurate’ part is what she was ‘reportedly’ screaming..we all know that would be true…bow, worship and scream.

  8. tia

    even though we all know that story is complete BULLSHIT you have to admit that your heart did break just a little upon reading that which poses the question what will we all do you in particular WFW when he does start seeing someone and trust it will be a GIRL and there’s all these papparazzi pictures of the two of them kissing and holding hands which I personally think will be sooner rather than later because if the boy aint already seeing someone in secret he’s got to be lonely, will we all start unfairly hating on that lucky bitch and plotting her demise? just asking

  9. Anonymous

    although I dont believe it could be true I mean he did live in London for a year so he has friends there he probably visits from time to time and we are not going to know about every trip he takes so it could be true and if it is good for him just dont start dating the slut lol

  10. soiled undies

    Well duhhhhhh tia! We will be taping her picture to the back of our bedroom doors and start by throwing darts, then knifes then the fucking TV at her!

    I might barf if I see Pap pics with the two of them kissing and I ALREADY have a plan (of termination for those hopeful whorey sluts) in the works in case Went ever tries to hook up with someone other than me!

    Ok everyone knows that I’m just joking right? I might own a gun and sure I can shoot straight and all but I AM NOT THAT CRAZY! *eyes wide and rolling, vein on forehead sticking out*

  11. Linds

    This is utter shit, First of all – he likes brunettes (pity redheads didn’t get so much as an honorable mention but that’s another story for another time). Second, in order to be on that plane with the girl bander he’d have to be coming from London and from what I understand – he’s either been in big Tex or LA – no overseas for Wenty!! Thirdly, I almost wish someone would fuck Went and then talk about it! I need to know!!! I don’t care if he eats peanut butter cups – does he hit it from the back? That’s the type of shit I wanna know!!!!

  12. Wet For Went

    tia, I would react exactly the way su would. I’d buy a dartboard and put her pic on it and throw darts at her face everytime I had to post a pic of Went with her in it and then I’d have a drink, a lot of them. I’d be totally supportive of his relationship of course I would, and die a little inside everyday, but I’d carry on, in agony, endless overwhelmingly suffocating agony, until I finally ended it all and jumped out a window…GODBYE CRUEL WORLD! Seriously, I’d be happy for the guy, or at least my spirit would b/c I would no longer be among the living having felt that the pain was too much to bear…*cries*

    I almost wish someone would fuck Went and then talk about it! I need to know!!! I don’t care if he eats peanut butter cups – does he hit it from the back? That’s the type of shit I wanna know!!!!

    YES Linds! EXACTLY.

  13. Anonymous

    oh my God can you imagine how his future girlfriend will be ripped to shreads by jealous haters everything about her from her hair folicles to her toenails will be judged analyzed criticized you name it she will be torn apart, guess I better start developing a thick skin hahaha

  14. Anonymous

    anon 12:27 You are absolutely right – woe to the woman brave enough to step out in public with Went.

  15. notthedoctor

    wow how did i miss this post? where was i? what was i doing?
    well, i read the article and your commentaries, girls,thoroughly, and i came to the conclusion that:
    1) it IS fake… INDEED! *resolved face*
    2) if he ever dates a woman, her picture will definitely be on my dartboard and the projectiles will not exclusively be darts (re: soiled undies)
    3) he should just date one of us and be done with it.
    i mean it would be so much easier for everyone, wouldn’t it? we all are fucking generous women, everybody would get their share of The Pretty and i can’t hear him protesting from all the loving!
    am i right or am i right?

  16. babe1973

    One word: BULLSHIT. First he likes brunettes. Second, Virgin Atlantic???? When did he go to London? Third, I really doubt that he would go all sex wild in public, he seems very private. Last, she looks like a whore, definitely not his type.

  17. soiled undies

    notthedoctor: Praise be to you! While you might be willing to share I’m not sure if I’d be so generous. What the hell am I saying?! I love to watch! and participate. and videotape. and show off and…etc.

    It will be like playing “Pass the Parcel”, (you do know that game right? Here’s a ‘brief’ description; children sit in a circle and pass a chocolate wrapped in paper around. Everytime the music stops a layer is torn off until the chocolate is open. The choc is passed around again and when the music stops the child with the choc has to try to gobble down as much as possible before having to pass it on again when the music starts.)
    Yum, Went and chocolate.

    Yes, You are so right!

    babe1973: Whores are everyones’ type! Ask me how I know.

  18. Anonymous

    Very much doubt this is possible actually. I fly Virgin Upper Class quite frequently and (a) the beds are just not wide enough for any action. They are quite narrow and even sleeping is kinda uncomfortable, and (b) the seats are all turned inwards to each other so privacy is out of the question – unless the cabin was quite empty. The old style seats afforded much more privacy but the new flat beds are not really designed for this type of behaviour !

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