Prison Break Season 2 Recap Video

Thanks amyy for calling my attention to this VERY AWESOME Prison Break Season 2 recap video set to Chris Daughtry’s It’s Not Over (I was rooting for him on AI eventhough I admittedly only watch AI at the beginning for the laughs and at the end for the big finale show so he was only 1 of 4 left by the time I got around to hearing him sing, but he was my fave). I suspect the maker of this video is on the MiSa ship but that just means we get to see plenty of Wentworth Miller! 🙂 I can not stress enough how truly awesome this video is. And now, after I watch it one more time (GREAT SONG), I am going to go see the family I have been neglecting for Went and for you. Later y’all!


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9 responses to “Prison Break Season 2 Recap Video

  1. Anonymous

    We need more Went…I don’t want to wait till next season.

    Oh, I loved Daughtry. I liked the song so much I bought the CD.

  2. Linds

    Oh my GOD!! Fucking ENFUEGO!!!!!

  3. Anonymous

    i hear you on the need more Went…in Australia the second season hasn’t even started yet!!! doh.

  4. AmY

    so glad u posted this; for the people who are having second doubts about prison break.. watch it, you’ll be hooked!

    on a side note: it was pretty weird today, i was in chicago.. 1) stepped into a store called wentworth gallery with paintings ranging in the 100,000s 2) found wentworth ave… i was hoping #3 was running into the pretty

  5. Anonymous

    This clip was just way too much of a tease for us poor Aussies…we still have to wait for it to even start, so thanks WFW for all the spoilers, love them. It just gives us even more beauty to drool over until we get the real thing. Might just have to watch this clip again.

  6. Mink

    Great rec, WFW. Do you have a link to the YouTube post? I’d like to leave a message there for the maker.

  7. Wet For Went

    anon 7:48, I feel your pain. I will try and help us through the break. I bought the Daughtry CD while I was at Best Buy yesterday but haven’t had a chance to crack it open yet. I love that song too.

    amyy, I had one of those days on Friday except I kept seeing 666 everywhere…I wonder what that means? LMAO

    melanzanie, no problem! I’m not a spoiler fan but if I had to wait so long, I might just want to know in advance too!

  8. Anonymous

    LOVE THIS! Thanks for sharing! FOX should use this clip for promotion purposes because it’s that good.

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