Wentworth Miller in Room 302

OMG! Thank you Churchies for this! The only performance missing from my Wentworth Miller Filmograpy through Pictures has been found. Thanks to sabela for finding it and maichan and mink for watching it to pinpoint where Went appears. He shows up at the 15 second mark and also from 1:36-1:43, which isn’t very long but he is in it! And now a warning…it might suck ass (I have no time to watch it right now), but in the interest of bringing you all things Wentworth Miller, I submit it for your viewing pleasure.


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11 responses to “Wentworth Miller in Room 302

  1. soiled undies

    MY GOD. This sucked ass so much it left friction burns on my lips!

    I couldn’t watch past 1:56!

    Went’s voice was divine though. ( I just had to put a positive spin on this horrendous experience).

  2. Anonymous

    it’s always a pleasure to see any part of wentworth, i’m melting hearing his voice

  3. Wet For Went

    LMAO @ anon 1:39!

    LMFAO @ su!

    Isn’t his voice lovely anon 2:08? *sigh*

    Oh yes Mink, this one is definitely ALL on you, LOL.

  4. Anonymous

    Went WITH hair … umm .. umm … good.

    But WTF was that from?! Eck.

    Oh, and WFW … THANK YOU! Yesterday was a pisser for me and I really appreciated your insight. 🙂

  5. geniass

    Seriously, yo, I don’t think there’s anything we CAN’t find. 🙂

  6. Wet For Went

    It’s from a film short Karen that is listed on his IMDB page. It is the Churchs’ obsessive mission to find anything and everything Went related and mine, even just to stand in the wind where he once stood…hey that’s a good line. I like Went with hair too, but then I like Went any way under the sun so that means nothing. No prob about the blog comment…I was in a sentimental mood again.

    geniass, I know right! We are all in the WRONG line of work. We should be rich, lol.

  7. linds

    I am with SU on this one – this was the textbook definition of awful! Went was the best thing in it! Is Room 302 supposed to be a porno?

  8. Anonymous

    A porno would imply it was remotly good ….this was far less than that.

  9. soiled undies

    LMAO @ anon5:47!

    Pornos Rule!

  10. Dissapinted

    Ewww you people are soo discusting!!! Wentworth will not like wat u people write…

  11. khensi

    i agree with u,.. anyway i know u might not read this wentworth but wat the hell, i lov ur acting and wish u all the best in finding the right person who will make u happy.. i’m only a kid but i really dig u, keep ur head up. and say hey 2 link. i’m khen

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