Hey Portugal!

Looks like you all are about to get you some Weekly Went!

I love the ad campaign:

It’s Prison yo.

It’s Miller Time.

It’s Wentworth! Went, what are you doing down there?



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12 responses to “Hey Portugal!

  1. Anonymous

    I think that he is playing, “Where’s Wents?”

  2. Anonymous

    WFW do you know anything about the Prison Break Magazine???

  3. mélie

    There is nothing like that in Paris???? WHY??? I want stuff like that here too!!!!!

    *maybe they actually realized people here are no fun haha*

  4. Anonymous

    I am in the perfect position to advise EXACTLY what he is doing & to receive all that he is delivering..however I’m not telling

  5. Wet For Went

    LOL @ melanzanie

    anon 6:14, I do actually but I didn’t get mine yet. A Churchie scanned the Went bits. I forgot to post it. I’ll get on that this morning. Thanks for reminding me!

    melie, I don’t think every country gets the trendy ad campaigns but I wish they did.

    inspector, I think I understand your comment…Are you saying you are an insider? I’m both intrigued AND silently calling bullshit but then I think most everything is bullshit.

  6. epantz

    i know if i was walking down the street and I thought i saw went ducking behind a garbage can, i’d be kind of creeped out. it’s just kind of weird. But i did laugh when someone put one of those Prison Break Wanted promo posters up around the hospital… heehee

  7. notthedcotor

    it’s most usual but fun, i like the poster of Went behind bars!

  8. Anonymous

    HILARIOUS! I love the peekaboo ones! I want to put one on my shower curtain. 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    don’t worry WFW…no one understands INSPECTOR…she will however entertain you with her fabulous delusions..

  10. epantz

    anon 3:15… that’s such an awesome idea lmao. now all we have to do is go to portugal and swipe a few…and put them everywhere hahaha

  11. 100 % portuguese

    hey went if u need a translater
    let me know !!!!!
    ill whisper it in your ear…word per word.

  12. Wet For Went

    I like the peek-a-boo ones too and if I saw one around I would totally swipe it and take it home. Went, did you hear anon 7:23? They’re waiting for you in Portugal…

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