Wentworth Miller Headlines

I don’t know about you but Google Alerts is upsetting me this week. Never have I seen so many Prison Break alerts that have absolutely NOTHING to do with Prison Break and even worse, nothing to do with Wentworth Miller. I am not satisfied with these headlines and you know what I do when I don’t like something, I just make something up! So here are 5 Headlines I’d like to see in my Inbox instead.

1. Wentworth Miller Coming to Baltimore, Maryland to meet Wet For Went Blogger

2. Wentworth Miller to Star in New Movie

3. New Episodes of Prison Break will Air Everyday Continuously Forever

4. Wentworth Miller’s Ass named 8th Wonder of the World

5. Hot and Steamy Sex Scene in Wentworth Miller’s New Movie Earns it an NC-17 Rating

Do you think if I wish for them hard enough, they’ll come true?

Now it’s your turn. Put a Wentworth Miller related headline or two in the comments section that you’d like to see while I go do some work. Have Fun!


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21 responses to “Wentworth Miller Headlines

  1. Mink

    Now how could I pass up an opportunity like this, WFW? Still, way to thrown down a challenge when you’ve nabbed the best ones already. LOL. Still, I’d rather like to see this headline:

    Wentworth Miller Sets Up Personal Harem, Invites Church Members to Join. Promises Nightly Servicing.

  2. Mink

    Oh, and #4 doesn’t need to be announced as a headline for it to be true. LMAO.

  3. Wet For Went

    Good one Mink, LOL. You are such a nice girl…Always willing to share. While WE know that #4 is definitely true, I want it to be recognized by the world! I’ll borrow some words from touched for this one. “I know that ass like I know I know my child’s” LMAO

  4. Anonymous

    Obama Chooses Presidential Running Mate: Actor, Wentworth Miller

    In related news…

    Females Across the Nation Flock to Register for 2008 Presidential Election

  5. Wet For Went

    LOL, LOVE THOSE anon 1:07 and I love Obama!

  6. Anonymous

    Five Tips to Help You Get Over Wentworth Miller and Start Working

    This is to get rid of rivals, and… start working.

  7. Anonymous

    Wentworth Miller Bitch Slaps Perez Hilton.

  8. hottie lawyer

    Gay rumors finally put to rest: Photos of Wentworth Miller’s torrid affair inside. Of course, I envision myself in those photos, but feel free to envision whomever you please. Btw, LOVE your blog! I gobbled up every post like a fat girl eats potato chips. No offense to the fat girls.

  9. Anonymous

    Wentworth Miller has been taken into Government Custody, says Surgeon General: Exceptional Genes to be Cloned for National Security and Intelligence Forces Special-Ops

  10. Linds

    Wentworth Miller Sex Tape Leaked on Internet

  11. Anonymous

    Wentworth Miller gives up his career in film and television to move to Canada and marry longtime stalker/sweetheart!

  12. Anonymous


  13. geniass

    Love #5. I’d watch that numerous times and pay the hefty $10 each and every time.

    Wentworth Miller moves back to hometown NYC

  14. Wet For Went

    anon 1:24! Blasphemy! I don’t want to get over it. There is nothing wrong with me being completely obsessed with a man I have never met and posting during work…nope, nothing at all. < ===in total denial LMAO anon 1:43

    Ahhh yes anon 2:16, if only I could be the one to put those rumors to rest and thank you!

    anon 2:53, as long as when they were done cloning him for the Govt they started selling Went clones on eBay we could talk. Actually, I see another headline…
    Wentworth Miller For Sale on eBay: Buy it Now.

    linds, yes yes and more yes.

    anon 4:26, wishful thinking never hurt anyone.

    anon 5:43, Sci-Fi Went sounds hot.

    Yeah geniass, I would have to say #5 is my favorite too…only second to #1 of course! I wouldn’t be opposed to the NYC move…at least he’d be on the right coast!

  15. Anonymous

    Wentworth Miller disappeared! Last seen heading towards WFW’s with peanut buttercups.

  16. Wet For Went

    A Went abduction involving peanut butter and chocolate…I like it!

  17. notthedoctor

    Wentworth Miller Thanks His Fans By Posing Nude For Playgirl.

  18. Wet For Went

    The happiness I would get from that might actually cause me to shed a tear and my tear ducts are almost always tightly closed. Went in Playgirl…I think I hear monks singing again…That would be a religious experience…*sigh*

  19. soiled undies

    Wentworth Miller Knows the Karma Sultra BACKWARDS AND FORWARDS.

    Yes, pun intended.

  20. 1 from 16

    My wish is:
    Wentworth Miller wins an Oscar and and is much in demand. He is world-famed. I really THINK he deserves it! Someone gimme an e-mail of the nearest wish-maker:)

  21. anon


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