High Fashion with Wentworth Miller

Good Show Wentworth! I’m impressed…although, how hard is it to fuck up a button down and some jeans? Extremely, but let’s ignore that. This is your time to shine! You look hot!


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23 responses to “High Fashion with Wentworth Miller

  1. Anonymous

    Honestly this is the best picture of him…I like the black shirt. I’m not getting any work done today.


  2. Mink

    You just wanted to post this pic, didn’t you, WFW? 😀

  3. Wet For Went

    I happen to like this particular ensemble and yeah Mink, nothing but pic spam to see here, lol. *nodding*

  4. Anonymous

    He doesn’t ‘age’ does he though? He has an ageless face and I was really surprised to find out he was in his thirties. Not that 30 yr olds shouldn’t look that good but he hasn’t changed much imo since his twenties on film.

    That’s fine by me though. He’s great.

  5. Redlightmind

    This is probably my favorite ensemble of his. Loving that black shirt. I LOVE your blog by the way!

  6. Anonymous

    Seriouly fucking HOT. Sexier in black too. Nice to see a different colour other than brown on him. Though, really that doesn’t matter. Nothing would be better.

  7. Anonymous

    Pic Spam! I love it. WFW you are wonderful.

  8. Anonymous

    i bet he’s got the brown sugar on tho…

  9. Anonymous

    I´ve read somewhere that he has eyes from different colour , green and hazel and somebody said here that he uses green contacts. Does someone know for sure what colour are his eyes? I´m just so curious…

  10. girl

    this should answer the colour of the eyes question, enjoy !

    we’ve got ourself a very happy Went here, great !

  11. girl

    Oh, and WTW, he actually TALKS about his moles too …

  12. girl

    WFW is that, damn !

  13. Wet For Went

    anon 2:36, I noticed that about him also. He has great genes.

    redlightmind, yeah he isn’t doing his usual killing me with his wardrobe although I have to say that his sense of style is kind of cute in its cluelessness and Thanks!

    melanzie, you’re right! Finally a pic with no brown. That is a reason to celebrate.

    anon 9:14, you’re wonderful too.

    LMAO @ buttercup. I actually don’t think he has on Brown Sugar in this pic but now you have me wondering so I’m going to find another shot and check out his shoes. *hoping he doesn’t have them on*

    anon 2:55, I honestly don’t know the answer to the eye question. They always look a different damn color to me. I think they change colors but I don’t know for sure. Anyone who does, feel free to enlighten me.

    girl, I really wish I would have checked that link at home. I’m at work right now and can’t watch it but I will check it out later.

  14. linds

    When I see this picture of him I want to scream out loud – he is so ridiculously good-looking ilovehimsofuckingmuch!!!!!

  15. Anonymous

    Sorry Mink , the link doesn´t work. Can you post it again, please?

  16. Mink

    I couldn’t work out how to post a link – sorry. Maybe WFW can fix that. You just need to copy and paste the web address I’ve posted into your browser. I’m reposting as it looks like it’s partly cut off above for some reason:


  17. Mink

    Well, as you did (kinda) ask, WFW,if you click the link below, this is the definitive ‘eye colour answer’ pic, as prepared by Kelly a while back. This is a close up crop of a candid (so no retouching). As you can see, those babies are not different colours, they are both the same colour, and a gorgeous mix of blue, green and gold. This is why they look different in different light:

    Click Here

    Feel free to pinch and repost this pic whenever this question comes up again (‘cos you know it will. LOL).

    I fixed it 🙂

  18. Wet For Went

    OMG Look at those EYES! I’m speechless.

  19. Anonymous

    Now I´d just love to see what his parents look like , they must be so proud of him! He ´s the cutest guy in the world. How can be George Clooney the sexiest man alive? Are they blind or what? Went, we love you in Spain! Come soon!

  20. babe1973

    I am drooling and yet I can’t close my mouth. HOT!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Anonymous

    Hmmm!…I think his eyes change color because he wears contacts. I’ve heard him say his eyes are hazel however someone that knew Went when he was in high school said he had blue eyes. Why is it that there are no pictures of him with his parents…that would give us an indication of his actual eye color.

  22. Wet For Went

    buttercup! He does not have on Brown Sugar. Check it Out

  23. Anonymous

    oh baby got new shoes…bless. kinda sad too tho…i have a thing for the brown sugar..

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