Naked Wentworth Miller Cures What Ails Ya

These pictures may look familiar and that’s because I have posted them before but baaca, that wonderful Churchie, lightened them with her magic picture lightening tooly thing and here are the results:

Look it’s MIPPLE! I really wish I could claim credit for the term that combines man and nipple but I can’t. That doesn’t however make me enjoy this picture any less. Mipple AND closed eyes…Imagine the possibilites.

Now, this is truly spectacular. Look at that arm and more importantly that back and the way it curves into that…*drooling* Excuse me for a moment…


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29 responses to “Naked Wentworth Miller Cures What Ails Ya

  1. Linds

    Jesusheisjustsofrigginamazing!!!!! Can I have him for Christmas? PLEASE?????

  2. Wet For Went

    Isn’t he linds? GOD HE’S BEAUTIFUL! Jailbird, if you’re reading this, I think your day just got a WHOLE lot better, lol.

  3. Anonymous

    Hot-Dam!!! it did get better, WFW your cracking me up.

    He’s just so delicious, my mouth is watering too.

    I’m going to get a glass of wine and look at these pictures again.

  4. Mink

    If any (seriously uninformed) person were in any doubt about the total spectacularness (is that even a word?) of that ass, there can no longer be any doubt. OMG! The curvature of those delicious cheeks! Guh!

    He really needs to use this asset to his advantage much more effectively: be ‘accidentally’ caught getting out of a pool in soaking wet, clinging, white (and thus transparent) trunks; wear some thin, white, butt-hugging linen trousers sans underwear on a day he knows he’s being trailed by a pap; have a scene written into PB which involves Michael wearing only skin tight ‘tighty whiteys’. World domination would inevitably follow. This boy is just too damn modest for his own good sometimes… *eye roll*

  5. Anonymous

    Yes please.


  6. notthedoctor

    Bootylicious Went!! i’m in trance!

  7. Anonymous

    Good-Lord he’s Nakey!!!

  8. babe1973

    WOW THAT ASS……. I’M ON FIRE. I wrote to Santa this year asking for Wentworth. Do you think I can have him? I’ve been a good girl. πŸ˜‰

  9. Anonymous

    every woman in the world should have that to wake up to.

  10. Wet For Went

    Glad I could help jailbird!

    Mink, or he could just mistakenly drop something, maybe wearing those Teen Choice Awards jeans, and bend over to pick it up. *swoon*

    LOL @ notthedoctor

    babe1973, That ass should be bronzed and put in a museum and if that Santa thing works out for you then clearly, I need to mail a letter to the North Pole myself.

    Word buttercup, and some men too…

  11. Anonymous

    *incredibly whiney* why do we have to share him with the men too?!???!! then it’s the TOTAL human population. at least with us girls it’s just half…

    what can i say? i’m aries…i’m kinda possessive and jealous…

  12. married but not dead

    oh my god…………went is so hot
    that sometimes i wish i was bangin him instead of my husband. Is that bad or what?

  13. Wet For Went

    buttercup, b/c it’s just the fair thing to do. I don’t want to share him with you people and I do it!

    MBND, as long as you don’t tell HIM that, no, there is absolutely nothing wrong it.

  14. Anonymous

    fair schmair.

    ok..i’ll stop pouting now πŸ™‚

  15. Lauren

    OMG!! he is sooo hot!
    mmmmm i would like 2 ha him 4 da day

  16. Anonymous

    i love you wentworth miller

  17. s.rene'

    ok so this is the only man that has ever givin me goosebumps, literally. omg how can there be only one on the planet that looks like him? he is…….. well goosebumps baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. gosh hes so damn hot, my word he makes me wet!

  19. I agree he is hot and who wouldnt av him, if any1 could av him it would be me lol xx

  20. georgous arse, wentworth miller is the hottest ever lad iv ever seen, anyone would av him n his arse lol xx

  21. wentworth miller is fine 100 percent and i think he is the sexiest i have ever seen on tv

  22. Hes mine so lay off. nice ass bbe and body

  23. Ema

    oh my god!!He is the hottest man I have ever seen!!I would give anything to have!!!I love you Wentworth

  24. Kassie

    Went is not a meat puppet! This man has a fine mind and a great talent. This is what he wants to be appreciated for. If his acting career tanks, I will be available to represent him if he decides to sell his sperm. LOL

  25. rio

    ahhh this is stunnning

  26. 'Leha

    He is the most gorgoeus male creation ever….

  27. his mother from syrian descent

  28. Akbota

    I love Wentorth

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